Weekend Escapades...

The weekend started off with me finally getting a little bit of fall decor going...

Fall Wreath

Yep... it's just a wreath, but it's something...

This post is a bit last minute and all of the photos are just from my phone or hubby's... no editing, nothing special. 

I just thought I'd give you a peek into our weekend, to see what we were up to. 🙃

The weekend started off great... I happened to stop off at Walmart to pick up a few things and found these awesome comforters on clearance for only $23 bucks! 👍 What a killer deal!! And for a king size bed!  I just threw them on to see what they'd look like. I got one in aqua.

Aqua comforter

And one in gray. Awesome! Now, I just need to decorate our bedroom...

gray comforter

Then later on Friday night some friends dropped by and invited us to go to bike night. We're so spontaneous like that.... 😜  We dropped everything, jumped on the bike and went out for a great night. These are a couple pics that Hubby took....

Bike Nite

Memories... Hubby used to have a bike like this one.

Bike Nite

I found the architecture of the York Water Company building incredible! It was built in 1816 and those pillars are massive and made of stone. 

York Water Co 1816

They just don't build them like this anymore. Check out the details on this ceiling!

York Water Co 1816

On Saturday, Hubby wanted to take a look at our "porch to nowhere". We've always hated it, and it makes no sense to be on top of our front porch. Plus we noticed that it must have been leaking somewhere, because we have black lines down one of our front porch columns.

Taking down porch to nowhere

Here all the railings have been taken off. Good job, Hon!

railings gone

So when he took off the posts this is what he found. Looks like there's some wood rotting. It doesn't seem too bad though.

Wood damage

Hubby did some work, then patched it all up! It's not super pretty, but who's gonna see it up there??

Rubber roof patch

We both love how it looks without the "porch to nowhere". We've only been wanting to do this for six years…

Much better without porch to nowhere

We finished up the weekend with our church's annual fish fry. It's so nice to get together with our church family and lots of yummy food....The fish was awesome! A couple in our church catches all of the fish and then cooks it all for us! That's incredible! What a beautiful heart of generosity.

 This is a picture I took for my Instagram prompt "sweet". I think there were enough sweets there for everybody.😊

Annual Church Fish Fry Treats

 That pretty much wraps it up! Have a blessed week! 


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