Falling In Love With Fall

Falling in love with fall

If you haven't noticed....I've been having a hard time embracing fall this year. 
Yet... right now I'm in a challenge to post pics on Instagram with corresponding with daily prompts. So...being that some of the prompts are "fallish", that has "forced me" to do something with my fall decor. It's given me the push I needed.

Sometimes, I look at all my fall stuff (this is just a small portion of it), and I get overwhelmed. I'm really not that good at decorating. I'd rather build something.

I look at all of this stuff, wondering where in the world I'm going to put it! 😳

Overwhelming fall mess

Then, there's this box that I built, well, hubby and I built. It's WAY too big. At first I thought it be great to be the length of the television. After all was said and done... it completely overwhelms the entire surface.
Extra large TV decor box

It's been this way for at least six months, probably longer. So I decided that now is the time to fix it. (Maybe it's a subconscious decision so I can postpone working on my fall crap.)😜
So here goes nothing, I cut down.

Chop the box down

Much better don't you think? I cut an entire foot off.

Fall decor

And as you can see were making some progress on the fall decor. 
Attempting to decorate the chopped TV box

I think some cute little blocks or little pumpkins that say "gather" or "blessings" would look cute in front of the TV box. I don't know what else to call it but the TV box.
I cleared off the coffee table. Hubby and I made these scrap shutters last year at Christmas time and we never used them. So an idea popped into my head that I could use it as a "tray". I'm keeping it simple this year folks.

Coffee Table Shutter Tray

I love the pops of orange everywhere. Orange is my color!

Love the pops of orange

The mantle and fireplace are finished! I'm pretty traditional with my fall decorating, lots of oranges, reds, browns, and creamy white.
I'm still using the Wood Lanterns that hubby and I made 😊  and you can see those candlesticks on the fireplace, hubby and I made those from bedposts.
Fireplace and mantel all decorated for fall

Stepping over to the dining room, I used the other shutter here to corral my pumpkin and leaves.  I am keeping the theme 'less is more'…
dining room

The coffee bar hasn't been worked on much. See that grapevine wreath to the left, that's going to go up on the wall some with something on it.
Coffee Bar

Here's the entry area. A little 'fall' here and there....

Entry area

So am I falling in love with fall? 🍁 🍂  
Falling in love with fall

It took me a little longer this year, but I'm warming up to it … Yeah, it's time for pumpkin spice coffee, warmy slippers, cuddling up by the fireplace, and lighting those pumpkiny candles.😍


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