Barstool Makeover! Boring to Bright!

Hi! I am trying to squeeze as much summer of this season as possible! That means getting my spray painting done. :) Check this out!!

Orange Barstool Before and After

That color just makes me smile!! :) I guess I kind of like orange...

I knew I needed to finish my other set of barstools. The first set of barstools go around my long bar in the kitchen. 

Barstools at long bar

Those barstools are more "counter height". They came out fantastic!

Quick And Easy Barstool Makeover
Easy Barstool Makeover

I planned on doing the same thing to the "bar height" barstools, that are at my island. The are the same design just a tad bit taller. 

Kitchen and barstools before

Don't they look dreary and drab? They definitely don't fit in with my bright and fresh kitchen!

Well, the plan was to use my paint sprayer, just like I had done before... but for some reason, it chose to quit on me. Boo...

So, my other option was to use spray paint. I could've spray painted them white, but my "white" in the house is not true white, more of a creamy white. They would have stood out, but not in a good way. I have yet to find a creamy white in a spray paint that isn't yellowy.

Anyway... Hubby and I thought maybe a limey green. Nah, that looked more like a baby green. So, I went with...

Spray painting barstools

Orange! Can you see me smiling?? :)

I had already primed them, just like I did in my tutorial on the first set of barstools.

(FYI this post contains affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products  I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.)

Love my favorite spray paint of all time!!! Rustoleum 2X! (no one is paying me to say that!) And don't forget that awesome comfort sprayer.  Those two make spray painting a breeze!

My Favorite Spray Paint

I had those barstools finished in no time! I covered the seats the same way as before. 

I love the color! I love the pop! That looks so much better than the before picture!

Orange barstools at the bar

Don't they look great? 

Orange barstools at the bar

Here's a close up.

Orange barstool close up

I can't believe how nicely the fabric goes!

Here are the two different barstools side by side.

Orange & White Barstool Makeovers

Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do? Here's all of them lined up.

Barstools Before and After


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