DIY "gather" Letter Blocks

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DIY Letter Blocks
I'm usually a little late to the game... most bloggers are already finished with fall decor and are planning Christmas. Not me....

I kinda do my own thing. So, here goes... 

I decorated for fall a couple of weeks ago and shared my procrastination in Falling In Love With Fall.  I told you all about cutting down my "TV" box and how I made everything nice and pretty. :)

Well, the TV box looked a little plain... I thought some cute little letter blocks spelling out "gather" would look nice. They were SUPER easy to make!!

Before TV Box

Here's the scrap 2x4 I used. Doesn't look like much yet.

2x4 for "gather" decor blocks

The TV box is about 4 inches tall, so I figured a 3"x3" block would be perfect.

Cutting 2x4 for blocks

First, I cut the 2x4 in to 3" blocks. Then because a 2x4 is actually a 1 1/2"x3 1/2" I needed to trim off 1/2 " to make it 3" square. If you notice the 2x4 edges are more round than a sharp edge. In order to make them all have the same sharp edge, I cut a 1/4" off of each rounded edge.

Cutting blocks for "gather" decor

They came out so good! :) 

Testing size of blocks

I gave them a good sanding, then stained them with Minwax Provincial.

Staining blocks

I really like the coloring of the blocks.  I'm thinking of darkening up the TV box a bit....

Testing stained blocks for "gather" decor

Next, I printed the word 'gather' off the computer, cut the letters and lined them up. At first, I had the smaller letters closer to the bottom of the block. I snapped a pic and sent it to my daughter and she suggested centering the letters on the block. I liked her idea better. So, I measured to make them centered.

"gather" letters on blocks

Then just a quick tracing... First, I press really hard while tracing, then I go over the back of the paper letter with chalk and lightly trace it again. It worked out really nice.

Tracing letters for painting

Then it was just a matter of painting the letters. I did about 3 coats.

DIY 'gather' letter blocks

Here's a before.... kinda boring...

Before TV Box

Here's the after! I love them!! I'm thinking for Christmas of doing a different word on the back...

After: DIY "gather" Letter Blocks

Aren't they cute! Super easy, super quick!

DIY "gather" Letter Blocks

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