Fun Messy Bun

Fun Messy Bun - side view

I've always loved the look of a messy bun, but I could never get it right. It was either too tight or it would flop. My hair is super slippy and loves to go flat.

This post was a spur of the moment decision.... Photos were taken after church on Sunday. We'd already eaten lunch, and we're about to kick our feet up and watch some football. 😊 

So my messy bun is about 4-5 hours old... taken with my phone by hubby. 😍  So you know there was some goofyness involved, not a lot of fancy going on. I didn't even edit these photos, not too bad iPhone7.

Messy Bun - front

The fact that it's pretty much still in tack is awesome! It has flattened some, but for the most part, it's pretty good.

I mentioned in my last post about my Bangs!, that I follow a beauty blogger named Kate from The Small Things Blog. She has a TON of video tutorials on all kinds of hairdos.

Anyway, I forgot all about her tutorial on the 'perfect' messy bun.

Messy Bun - left side

In order for the bun to be messy you've got to start with messy hair. She has tips on teasing and texturizing your hair.

Messy Bun - keeping it loose

Then you need to gather all your hair up loosely with your fingers open, then fold over your hair into a bun, then put the elastic on. It takes some practice.

Fun Messy Bun - Back view

There is a bit more to it, like stretching it and pinning a few places, but I think I finally have it down!

You gotta check out her post. Her video is short but thorough.

Messy Bun Tutorial - The Small Things Blog

There you have it... A FUN Messy Bun! Btw... still loving my bangs. ❤️

Fun Messy Bun


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