Fall Porch Makeover

Updated 9.10.21

Fall Porch Makeover

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It all started with this barrel... I've had it for ages. Years ago I worked part-time at Bath & Body Works. They used to do really elaborate store decorations. This was from when they had a more "country theme" to the store. 

Old Barrel

Btw... I didn't steal it. 😜Most of the time, they threw away their decorations after a store reset, so we were free to take what we wanted. 😊

Anyway.... I've wanted to use it, but not with that HUGE stamp on it.  It must have been burned into the wood or something. I tried sanding it, using a Dremel, nothing really worked. So, I thought why don't I try staining it?? πŸ‘

I used Minwax Provincial Stain. Here you can see I'm just getting started....

Staining Old Barrel

You can barely see the stamp now. Then I brushed on one heavy coat of an Minwax Helmsman Exterior Sealer.

Dark Stained Barrel

A couple of years ago I made these DIY clay pumpkins. In my tutorial, I explained step by step how to make these cool looking pumpkins. 😊

DIY Outdoor Real Looking Pumpkins
Before and After DIY Pumpkins

They've held up pretty good, so far. I should have cleaned them up better when I brought them in last year. It was a wet year and they got a bit moldy. 

They'll look great on the barrel I just stained and they might stay drier! 

I needed to clean them up.  I tried just wiping them. Nope, that didn't work. Then I got out a magic eraser, nope. Next, I tried a toothbrush and some bleach. That seemed to work the best. A lot of the mold came off.

Moldy pumpkins

Here's more of a close up.  That whitish area wiped right off.

Moldy pumpkins

Once they were cleaned up, I added a bit of paint to cover up any black stains left.  

You can see here how much better they look! I just grabbed some paint that was close... I wasn't too concerned whether it matched because it won't show.

cleaned up pumpkins

Then I sprayed a couple of coats of Minwax Helmsman Clear Satin Sealer. I think that will help. I'm ready to stack them up for the front porch!

Clear coat on pumpkins

I love how they look in the stained barrel. It looks so fall. πŸ‚πŸ

Stacked DIY Pumpkins

Here's the whole front porch... Just getting started on a bit of fall decor. 

Fall Front Porch

We also did a bit of work on our front porch lately... One we took down the "balcony to nowhere" that was on top of the porch roof.  We think it looks sooooo much better! You can see what it looked like before.

The pumpkins look great with our front door!

Fall Front Porch



  1. Hi Lori,
    I love what you've done with the pumpkins. I'm going to try it as a project with my nine year old granddaughter who lives at my house with her Mom (my daughter). I am in Seminole, Florida between Clearwater and St. Petersburg. Weather here will stay better for all of the fall and most, if not all, the winter so I hope I can avoid the mold. Will start this in September but wait till mid-October probably o put it out front depending on our rainy season. (Also hurricane season isn't over till Nov 1 but it's rare to get a hurricane that late! I was thinking of adding some little twinkle lights amongst the pumpkins for evening. What do you think? Maybe orange twinkle lights if available. (Not sure if "twinkle lights" is the correct name but I think you know what I mean, right?

    Be blessed - I ❤️ Jesus too!

  2. Wow! I have been looking for affordable, easy DIY decorations for the fall. You are right! $90 for seasonal pumpkins! I rather spend that on my two little girls. Your pumpkins look great, just with stuff around the house. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Your pumpkins are fantastic! You are very creative. I am going to try this. Love the barrel. Your front entrance looks great.


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