Making Handmade Ornaments Is EASY!

I had so much fun making handmade ornaments this year! I had most of the supplies on hand. I love the way my entry tree came out.  I need more ornaments, but remember I'm trying to keep the mentality that "less is more!".

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Here's an what our entry Christmas tree looks like in the daylight.

Christmas Tree Day

I wanted to make this tree silver, white and natural.  I love the natural nature element! It took me awhile, but it looks like I finally see the beauty of burlap... Well, glitter can make anything look great!! ;)

Here's our tree at night.

Christmas Tree Night

Oooooo..... pretty.  I had some fun working the settings on my camera, also a little help from PicMonkey.

Here are the ornaments I made this year. The first one up is a Doily Ornament. I spray painted some old ornaments white to use with a lot of the ornaments I planned on making.  With this one, I just wrapped the ornament up with a doily, tied it with a ribbon and added a twine string to hang. So simple! I have a few other doilies I've make over the years, that I'll be doing this with!

Crocheted Doily Ornament

Next up, a Pine Cone Ornament. I glued a silver bow on top.  Then I glued a wooden bead and ran a silver strand through to hang it. This one was so easy and fast!

Pinecone Ornament

Burlap Ornament.  This one was a bit more time consuming. I cut little squares out of burlap material and then glued them on one by one. Then a ribbon to hang.

Burlap Ornament

Lacey Ornament. This one is a favorite, but of course it was the most time consuming, so I only made one. I cut about 1-2 in. pieces of lace, ribbon, tulle and burlap and glued them on.  I'd fold the piece in half and just dot the glue on the fold and stick it on the ornament. It came out so soft and pretty!!

Twine Ornament: So easy... just some twine, glue and an ornament, then round and round you go!

Twine and Lacey Ornament

Twine Ball Ornament: Those were really fun and easy!! There are TONS of tutorials on Pinterest! Easy.... blow up a balloon, wrap with twine, brush on watered down glue and dry. Pop the balloon, and spray with glitter!

Another Burlap Ornament:  This one I just randomly overlapped burlap squares all over the ornament.

Twine Ball and Burlap Ornament

Garland Ornament: Easy Peasy!! Start with a white ornament.  I had this fluffy white garland that I just wrapped around and glued. Add a puff of tulle with a white ribbon. Voile'!

Garland Ornament

Paper Ball Ornaments:  These are so sweet.  Here is the site for the template.  You just print them out and cut and put together.  There are 3 sizes.  I did the small and medium.

Paper Ball Ornament

Burlap Garland: This came out WAY better than I thought it would!  I bought it at Wally World, so cheap there! Then I  printed up "Joy to the world" cut it out and used it as a stencil and did the whole 2 rolls! Then sprayed it all with glitter!!! Love it!!!

Hand Printed Burlap Garland

So, as you can see, I've been a little busy having some crafting fun! Just a few supplies and a glue gun and you can go to town!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

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