How to make a Dollar Tree Wreath Look Great!

I have been so busy crafting and setting up Christmas that I haven't shared one thing with y'all. Well, now is the time! You actually got a sneak peak yesterday, if you caught My Fashion Over 40 ~ I Am Spoiled.

The sweet little wreaths looked like this in the beginning... not very sweet, kinda scrawny and ugly.

Scrawny Ugly Wreath

But for $1... I can definitely do something with this little number!  So, I bought 7 of them. :)

Last year, when I was putting all of Christmas away, I decided that I was going to weed out some things and change it up a bit for the next year. I wanted to simplify and have a "less is more" mentality. I really don't like practically "re-decorating" my house for Christmas.  I'd rather add hints of Christmas to my home. So, that's what I tried to do this year. Now, the mantel will always be redone, but I like to do that.

But once you get started....I'll admit, it's kinda hard to stop.... :)

Back to the little wreaths.... Scrawny and ugly.  I have the solution! At the dollar tree they have this green garland.  It's kinda plain, nothing fancy and it doesn't have any wire to it. I already had a ton of it so, I didn't need to purchase any. I just opened up the branches and wove the pine around and around. You can see the progression here.

Wreath in the Works

Trying to stay simple.  I only added a glittery silver bow and hung them up.

Wreaths on Staircase

I really really like the way it all turned out.  Now, nevermind the "boob" lights everywhere... Ugh! Those have really got to go! Hmm.... and I'm picturing white spindles and a dark handrail, and new lights, and... Okay, back on track, Lori!

Look how pretty it is at night!!

Dollar Tree Wreath Made to look Great!

I was struggling with the camera... my sweet daughter took over for me.  Wasn't that a great shot? Thanks, baby girl!!

I had an extra wreath and was going to use it on the mantel, but then I thought of something else for the mantel. So, I hung it in my kitchen window.

Kitchen Window Wreath

And at night... so pretty and sparkly!

Dollar Tree Wreath Made to look Great!

It's amazing what you can do with a couple of things from the Dollar Tree.

Oh! I can't wait to show you the rest! Stay tuned!

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