Quick and Easy Barstool Makeover

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These barstools needed some help! We’ve had them since we moved into our home 6 years ago. They had all the features we wanted… height, swivel, back support and most important, they didn’t break the bank!
Kitchen before
But now they definitely didn’t fit our new light and bright style. They kinda stick out like a sore thumb...

I still can’t believe how dark all of our furniture was back then... Styles change and so did ours. If you want to see this room's transformation from this boring dreariness...click away...
Curtains to Blinds, Wall Color Change, Dining Table, Dining Chair
Dining Room before 1 copy

I mean it’s not bad, but Hubs and I are much more colorful and outgoing people. I feel like our home represents our personality so much more than before, keep scrolling you'll see... :)

So, I decided it was finally time to do something about these babies…
I took them apart, which was super easy!

Of course, I decided to do this on a slightly windy day… but not to fear! I set up my Homeright Spray Shelter.
Spray Shelter
At first, I was kind of dreading having to put it up. So, I decided to time myself to see if it was really worth the time. Well, surprise surprise!!! It only took me 12 minutes to set it up! I’m not kidding! So, yeah it was definitely worth it. I love this thing!!

Time to prime. I didn’t do any prep on these barstools, besides wiping them down.
I used my favorite spray paint/primer of all time! Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X Primer. This stuff is amazing! I was concerned that it might scratch off, they are metal barstools... But it didn’t, I tried to scratch it off with my fingernail.

Then I used my Homeright Fine Finish Paint Sprayer to finish the job.  I’ve used it before on my Dining Chairs and it really does a great job!

This time I used my DIY Chalky Paint Recipe, because I really wanted this paint to stick! It worked beautifully in my paint sprayer, absolutely no issues.

So, while the paint was drying, I set to work on the cushions. I found this tablecloth at Burlingtons. The right colors and the right price!
I love that it’s indoor/outdoor and spills won’t leak through! Perfect!

Cushion, fabric and batting. I added the batting because the cushions were a bit hard…
Seat cover materials

Covering seat cushions is super easy to do! Add batting…
I don’t normally piece the batting together, but that’s all I had on hand for the moment. It worked out fine. I purchased more batting for the rest of the barstools.


Flip it all over…
Flip over


Seatcover Complete

I have more than enough fabric to cover all of my stools, plus maybe I’ll make a pillow!
Barstool Closeup
I just adore how cute they came out! I did end up spraying them with a semi-gloss clear coat, just for some additional protection.

Here they are all lined up.
Barstools lined up

We usually end up swinging one of the stools around to the side.
Casual Barstools at Bar

And here’s how they look with the dining table… we’ve come so far from before!
Kitchen Dining Area
I just love the light and bright!

Here’s a quick before and after… what a difference!!
Barstool Before and After
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