DIY Rustic Metal Trim

I wanted to show you how easy it was to make the rustic metal trim, like I did on my last project, the DIY Hair Tools Organizer.
DIY Rustic Metal Trim

It’s so simple and easy! Now I know you probably have a couple of these empty around the house somewhere.  We recycle, so we have a huge bag of aluminum cans! I must give credit where credit is due...this was Hubby's suggestion to use aluminum cans! He's so clever, I think I'll keep him around! :)
Aluminum Cans
Next, I cut the ends off of the can, and cut it down the side to lay it flat. You can use scissors or a box cutting knife.
Cut Ends Off
Then I used my metal square and laid it on top. I knew that my wood was a 1x4, which is actually 3/4 x 3 1/2. The square is 1 1/2 inch wide, so when bent it will cover 3/4x3/4. Perfect for the corners on my organizer.
Score Aluminum
I scored each side of the square with my box cutter and ended up with this.
Scored Aluminum
All you have to do next, is bend at the scored edge and it literally just breaks off. Hubby was concerned that the edges would be super sharp and to be careful, but I didn’t find that it was that sharp at all to work with.

But in any case, use caution. So, I was left with this piece of cut aluminum. I measured and marked where the middle was at each end.
Bend and Snap
Laid it on the corner of my work bench and gently bent it in half lengthwise. Then I fit the metal piece to the corner of my organizer and cut with scissors down the middle of the bend to the top of the corner of the organizer. Then bent the cut pieces.
Fit to corner
Then I flipped the metal piece around and did the same thing to the other end. Next, I took it off and folded over the cut corner pieces, over each other and under.
Fold Corners
They fit nice and snug on the organizer. Then I just added a few nails to make sure they wouldn’t come off. Simple right?
Nail Trim
I love repurposing items! From aluminum cans…
Aluminum Cans
To cool trendy trim!
DIY Rustic Metal Trim

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