DIY Hair Tools Organizer - Part 2

Hi there!! We just got back from a great trip, visiting our son in Illinois. I miss that kid so much! Anyway, it’s back to the grind here and I promised to show you the 'hair tool mess' I’ve been dealing with….
Hair Tools Mess
This is our master bathroom. I haven’t done a single thing in here. I mean it! I haven't even painted the walls! The most I’ve done is put that little sign on the window sill. So, it’s pretty bare. Remember this organizer was made more out of frustration than decoration. That little basket thing wasn’t really doing much to contain my mess.

Here’s another view. That’s where they all get plugged in. Nevermind the other mess I’ve got going on around my sink.  By the way....I just thought of another idea to corral all of my face essentials. :)

Bathroom sink area

There you have it, the mess. And the solution…Hair Tools Organizer Part One

This is where I left you last time.

Basic Box with inserts
Now on to some pretty cool stuff!!

You know how trendy rustic farmhouse style is... Well, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. I finished painting the organizer with a pretty aqua/minty greenish color using my DIY Chalky Style Paint. Then I trimmed it out with some aluminum.
Nail Trim
Doesn’t that look cool? I was surprised at how easy it was!

Here is the shelf mounted. I just found some studs with my handy dandy stud finder. I marked the studs on the wall and on my organizer. Then I pre-drilled the holes, leveled it out and drilled it in. Easy!
Top View
Not bad! Here it is all filled up!
Shelf Complete 2
It’s so nice not to have that mess on the ledge.
DIY Hair Tools Organizer
Next up! I’m going to show you how EASY it was to trim that shelf! You won’t believe what I used!



  1. Looks great! Beauty tools are always messy....we need so many different ones....or do we?!

    1. Haha! AnnMarie! I keep asking myself the same question... But there always seems to be that one occasion... :) Thanks for reading!

  2. Fabulous!! I bet my daughter would love this! You asked about my shoulder and it is fine. Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks, Pinky! My own daughter might like this too! Glad your shoulder is feeling better!


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