Basement Clean Up

Gosh! I feel like a hermit... Seriously, I've spent so much time in the basement.  But it hardly looks like I've done a thing! UGH! I guess that's what happens when you let it go... let it go...(lol, I couldn't resist ;)), then add a few years of ignoring and you have one HUGE UNORGANIZED mess...

Basement 2014

That was the basement January 2014....
This January 2015... it's a bit worse in my opinion... Well, maybe not... They both look awful!

Basement Mess

I am soooo done with this!

I'm nowhere near done, but I just can't seem to move on until this area is cleaned up, organized and workable!

I made a little stop motion video to show you my progress... I feel like I'm just moving stuff around. But it really is getting more organized, I have to believe that!!

In the video, I show you how it looked before Christmas, then some Christmas clean up. Then the camera gets flipped around to show "The otherside (half) of the basement", that get's a little spruced up.

Then you'll see a tiny segment on my ribbon hoarding problem.  I had probably 3-4 large boxes of stuffed ribbon completely unorganized. You'll see how I organized it.
I'm so proud of it!! :)

Anyway... it's my first video... have a little grace and mercy. It's only around 50 seconds long. IMovie was kinda fun to play around in.

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