Eating Clean ~ A 30 Day Detox

I don't know about you, but I do not like it when my clothes start feeling a little tight.  When there isn't quite as much wiggle room in that shirt. And I really don't like it when my body feels tired and sluggish, with no energy. That couldn't possibly be from eating every sugary, carby thing that my eyes beheld... could it? The "Merry" part of Christmas became a little treat here and a little treat there, here a treat, there a treat, EVERYWHERE a treat treat!!

That is most certainly why I needed this!

Eating Clean Detox

So, January 1st, I stepped upon my trusty scale and lo and behold there it was... I had gained 7 lbs in one week. I mean I knew I had gained a few, but 7? Hmmm.  During Thanksgiving week, I gained 5 lbs.  I quickly lost that the following week.  But this was different. Why? It's only 2 more pounds! I just felt like I had lost some control. I was not a happy camper.

Now if you know me, you might remember how I was quite a bit heavier at one point in my life. I worked very hard to get where I am today.  I shared my story here when I did a Whole30 Challenge. Well, if you're interested here's the whole series. :)
I completed that challenge in 2013 about a year and a half ago.  It revolutionized my eating habits, I truly do not eat the same way as I did before. But I had begun to include more and more sugary/carby foods here and there, and before I knew it, I'd find myself needing to "reset" with another Whole30. (Now, I just call it that because that's the name of the challenge. Sometimes I'd do it for a week or two or sometimes a whole month. It would just depend on how I felt at the time.) Once a sugar/carb addict, always a sugar/carb addict. I wish I could always eat them in moderation. It's definitely a struggle for me.

Anyway....Let's get back to the 7 lbs. For me it's not just about the 7 lbs, it's about feeling yucky too. My body just didn't have energy, basically I didn't feel great. Maybe I had a sugar hangover. Who knows.... I knew I needed another "reset". This time I wanted to do my own sorta detox.

The Whole30 Challenge eliminates all dairy, grain, sugar. Honestly, I didn't feel the need to be that restrictive. I basically wanted to just eat cleaner, healthier. So, this is my...

Eating Clean 30 Day Detox

No sugary foods. No soda, not even diet soda. No grain. No cheese.

I have allowed a tiny bit of raw honey on my hot chia seed porridge. I also allow greek yogurt for my spinach smoothies. I'm also not too picky about condiments, there are small amounts of sugar, but I don't have them very much and I don't feel they send me into a sugar spiral.

I have enjoyed eggs, chicken, fish, tuna, turkey, pork, beef, fruit, nuts, and lots and lots of veggies! Have you ever tried spaghetti squash? If not, you should!  I discovered it when I did the first challenge, but this has continued to one of our favorite dishes. Hubby loves it! Believe me, it does not disappoint!

Whole 30 Spaghetti

I am at the end of week 2 and feeling much better already! Although, I just about died when my daughter made muddy buddies, but I survived with out having one morsel. Why does it always shock me that I can say, "No" to such sugary delights? I know I struggle, but I CAN say No!! I can chose to eat healthy good food. I have lost a total of 8 lbs so far. :) But for me it's not all about the weight, it's about feeling good and feeling strong and having energy.

I will finish this to the end of 30 days.  The only time I'll be allowing any sweet is for my adorable grand niece's 3 year birthday party in North Carolina. I have a feeling there will be some sort of "Frozen" treat. Otherwise, I plan on packing lots of fresh fruit and veggies for the trip.

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