Organization.... DIY 2015 Planner and A Plan!

Do you feel organized? Do you use a planner? Well, I thought I was organized...somewhat... and I am a faithful "Lister".  But that hasn't seemed to cut it. Otherwise my basement wouldn't look like this.

Basement Mess

Yes... I'm showing you the awful skeletons in my basement. It seems that no matter how many times I "clean" down there it eventually looks like that.

This year, I am determined to do things different... and I have already seen what a HUGE change it has made! Lo and behold this is the game changer!

DIY Planner

Since this is the first time in over a decade that I've actually used a planner, I wanted to do it very inexpensively. Before I invest (hey, there's my word for the year!) in supplies and such, I wanted to make sure I figure out what works for me.  That's the real dilemna when it comes to planners...What will work for YOU?

I wanted to start with a binder, and I already had this one on hand. It's one that has a clear sleeve on all sides. I picked up some beautiful scrapbook paper and cut it to fit. The roses are just calming to me. :)

On the inside pocket, I keep appointment cards and birthday invitations, etc.

Planner Page 1

The next page is where I keep it open to, most of the day. On the right, is a pocket folder that I can keep project sheets that I'm working one. On the left, I have shopping list paper that I hole punched. This is my daily list.  Must Do: at the top and near the bottom Should Do: Then behind it, is regular lined school paper with JOT IT! written on it.  If a thought or idea pops in my head, I can write it there. Things for hubby are squared, and clouds are info or reminders. This is like a short term To Do List.  This is soooo working for me!  I feel like things aren't slipping through the cracks as much! :)

Planner Page 2

I made these tabbed sections out of plastic file folders.  I just cut them to fit and stuck a self adhesive tab on it.

Planner Sections

I wanted one section for my "home" and another for the "blog".  I can add other sections as needed, but this seems to suffice, for now.

The first tab, Home, is my calendar.  This is all the events in and around my life, from reminders to appointments.  I tried using the digital calendar on my phone... I just didn't use it enough. This is perfect!  I'm a visual person and I love crossing things off. :)


The following tab is TO DO: This is a master to do list.  Some things I want to do eventually or in the spring or summer.

Master To Do

Next is Menu planning.  I am doing a 30 Day Clean Eating Detox, and that requires mostly eating at home and cooking.  Not my favorite thing to do, but necessary. So these are basically dinners. I don't have to cook every night, because Hubby isn't home 2 nights a week. But this has already made it easier for grocery shopping. What a plus to have 2 months of meals planned out!! Whew! It will only get easier has I continue down the year, because it's basically just repeating and adding new ones here and there.

Menu Planning

The pocket on right side will hold some recipes, my master grocery list, menu ideas, etc.

The last tab I have right now is Cleaning. Ugh.... I know this is not a fun topic, but again its just something that needs to be done, and since it's just me and Hubs, it's not that dirty. But it still must happen.  I've tried all different cleaning "schedules". Some you clean all in one day, some you do rooms per day, but this one is one chore each day.  Vacuum all the carpets, or dust all surfaces, or clean bathrooms, etc. I really really like this one.  I've started to time myself to see how long each one takes.  So far, I haven't had to clean more than 40 minutes.  And that was a LONG one because I vacuumed my wood floors and then mopped them.

Daily Cleaning

I feel like I'm on top of it now. I know what I'm going to do each day.

The Blog section, I haven't worked on as much.  I have a Calendar section, a To Do section, and a Project section. Those are on the list to get to. :)

Planner Sub Sections

I have really made an attempt this year to run my day instead of letting my day run me.  I'm crossing things off, getting so much done and it feels soooo GOOD!

One major project that I'm working on is my basement, well, mostly my crafty/hoarding side. But not like I've done in the past. This time I am totally redoing, rearranging, purging and discarding, oh yeah!...doing it right!! I am hoping to give you an update next week! :)

Now this planner is my "beta test" version.  If I really love it and use it all year, we will definitely be upgrading to a newer version!

Blessings to you,
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