My Fashion Revamp! ~ What Keeps You From Prayer?

I'm attempting to revamp some clothes that are too big for me now.  I know it's a good problem to have, right? Revamp means to make something better or like new again. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. Here we go....

Fashion Revamp

My husband would no longer let me where these pants because they were too big.  I didn't think they were so bad, but they were.... 

I ended up taking in 1/4 inch in the inseam, and a 1/4 inch on the outside edge seam.  I tapered the legs near the bottom, so that was closer to a 1/2 inch on the inseam and outside edge seam. Then I actually was able to lengthen them about 1/2 inch.  I couldn't believe that the previous hem completely ironed out! 

Finished product:

Fashion Over 40

Not a huge difference, but definitely enough!  I really like the tapered legs, they used to be a lot more "billowy". After wearing them, they stretched a bit, so I will be also taking another 1/4-1/2 inch in the waist and seat seam. I might even taper the legs a bit more. Then I think that should do it.

Yay! I have another pair of dress pants now!

The sweater should have been revamped too, but I'm taking baby steps til I get the hang of it. :)

What Keeps You From Prayer?

Our Pastor shared a few things that could possibly keep you from praying.

1. Some might think that they don't pray long enough, so God won't listen. FALSE! 

There is no set time.  He just wants us to spend time with Him.

Young women don't forget their jewelry, do they? Brides don't show up without their veils, do they? But my people forget me.  Day after day after day they never give me a thought. Jeremiah 2:32(MSG)

I definitely don't like it when I forget my wedding rings....Lord, please help me not to forget You!

2. Some might feel guilty because they only seem to pray when they have problems and not in the good times too. NO GUILT!

He will listen to the prayers of the destitute.  He will not reject their pleas.   Psalms 102:17 (NLT)

He will always listen! Sure, He'd like to hear from you more, but He won't ever reject you.  He answers with no strings attached!

3. Some might think their prayers need to be mournful or exhausting, or that it has to be loud and fervent. FALSE!

Read 1 Samuel 1:10-15  A woman named Hannah was praying quietly barely moving her lips and she was accused of coming to the temple drunk.  She reassured the priest that she was praying with a sincere heart before The Lord.

Praying quietly is fine, praying out loud is fine. It's just important that we have balance and a sincere heart earnestly seeking The Lord.  I feel that in order to have a consistent successful prayer life, we need the power of the Holy Spirit and a daily dose of God's Word. The Holy Spirit will even help you when you don't know what or how to pray for a situation.

When we go to prayer we need to focus on The Lord. I know I can find my mind wandering, but that's when I can take those thoughts captive, reign my mind back in, and refocus on Christ. The Lord is good.  He wants to spend time talking with us.  We just need to stop and give Him that undivided time. I find I'm able to do that best first thing in the morning, before my day gets started. It gives me peace knowing He will help me and be with me throughout the day. Give it a try, you might be surprised! :)

Blessings to you,
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