How To Make A Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Updated 11.20.20

How To Make A Christmas Tree Storage Bag

How many of you have Christmas tree boxes that look like this... Who can stuff a big fluffed out Christmas tree back in those? I tried for many years and the duct tape holding them together wasn't working anymore. 

Old Christmas tree boxes

Plus, those boxes are HEAVY! Granted I have 2 9ft. trees but they are so pretty set up.

9ft. Christmas Trees

Time for something new!

At the time, I searched and searched for some sort of bag that I could put them in, but I really didn't see anything that was going to work for me. AND that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. 

I had an idea!  I can make what I need!  I went out and bought a bunch of tarps! 

9'x12' tarp

I ended up using 2 tarps. They were both 9X12 ft. for $9.97 a piece.  Perfect!

First, I took the tree apart. And laid it out on a big old sheet.

Laying out tree sections

Then I got an old twin size sheet to kinda of get an idea of how much "tarp" I was going to need.

Center tree section on twin sheet

Next, I opened up the tarp and cut it in half so that I had two 9X6 ft. pieces.  Then I cut off all of the reinforced edging and used that for the straps to my bags.  

I just sewed them all together, decided the length I needed and cut off the excess.

Tarp laid out

As you can see, that is going to be one BIG bag.  It will be for the base section of the tree. It's kind of an odd shape. You can see how I'm going to use the handles.  They will wrap around the bag for support. 

I'll need it when I have to carry that bad boy up and down the basement stairs!

It kind of looks like a big IKEA bag.

Large tarp bag for Christmas tree

To close that huge bag up a bit better, I made some ties with the excess and added them to the sides. 

For the middle section, I thought that a sleeve bag might work better. I cut open the other 9X12 ft. tarp and cut it in half like the first, into two 9X6 ft. pieces.

Tarp for center tree section

I cut off approximately 3ft. from the 9ft. end.  Measured my straps and marked where I wanted them sewed.  

You need to put the straps on first, before you sew up the "sleeve". 

Sleeve for Christmas tree center section

Voile'! I made ties out of the excess and tied up the ends. It worked out really well.

I made two sets of the Christmas Tree Storage Bags. One blue and then I flipped the tarp over and made one with the silver side.

Both center section sleeves

I pull the center section in from one end and then when I'm ready to use it, I'll pull it out from the other end!

I had two 3X6 ft. sections of tarp left over from the middles section bags. I used those to make the last bag for the toppers and bases.  I made just a regular bag like the first one and they both fit in it. 

Here they all are!

All Christmas tree storage bags

Yes, that is A LOT of Christmas tree there! But this is so much more manageable for me.  

First, I will be able to bring up the Christmas trees by MYSELF! I don't have to wait for Hubby to get home. 😊 And now I don't have to deal with those broken old boxes! 

Yes, this does take up a bit more storage, but I have a huge basement and actually all of my Christmas decor fits under the stairway and they stacked up just fine!

Christmas tree storage area

If you can sew a straight seam, you can definitely do this!!

How To Make A Christmas Tree Storage Bag


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