My Fashion Refashion ~ Forgiveness...

My Fashion Over 40
This Fashion Refashion is the skirt I told you about a few weeks ago.

This skirt was a couple of sizes too big and too long.

I have long legs and most of those short skirts out there are WAY too short for me, so I'd actually rather shorten a skirt to my length.

I like it when skirts hit me right at the knee, so when I sit down, it doesn't ride up too much.

Now, it fits just right!

My Fashion Over 40

I feel so comfy in this outfit!

Just a simple turtleneck sweater and a cardigan.

I've worn this cardigan before.

I love the front drape it has and it's a nice length.

My toes were toasty in my "Peter Pan" boots.

Then I put my hair in a fun messy bun.

They are so easy and soft looking.

Messy Bun
Just between you and me... my hair is on it's 3rd day unwashed.  It usually cooperates better when it's a little "dirty". I just curled and styled it. Then I teased the curls up a bit, pulled it very loosely into a ponytail, folded over the pony tail and wrapped an elastic over it.  I pulled and loosened it around the sides and top and put in a few bobby pins here and there.

It's supposed to be casual and messy. :)

Do you get the winter blahs? I am feeling it!! I usually don't mind the winter, but lately the lack of sunshine is draining me of energy! For some reason, I am struggling with motivation to do anything! I have gotta snap out of it!!


Easier said than done. This Sunday at church, we had a different service.  It ended up being sort of a testimonial time. Forgiveness came up. We've all been hurt in some sort of way. Sometimes, it's one of those deep down hurts, that don't go away quite so easily.

Sometimes, we like to hang on to the hurt, sadness and pain. Why? Well, it might make it easier to justify our anger, so we don't have to deal with it.

Sometimes, we feel like we really have dealt with the hurt, only to have an event or even a word trigger that pain all over again, like it just happened yesterday.

It can be frustrating... I have dealt with this too...  So, I'm going to be a little transparent....  A few years back, I was hurt deeply by someone very close to me. It also hurt my husband and my children. It was an extremely tough time for all of us, but especially for me.

I thought I had "dealt" with it. I felt I had tried to reconcile, but I wasn't truly ready... In fact, neither one of us had been ready.  That was a few years back. God has done some healing in both are hearts and He is still working even now.  I am so thankful to a loving God, that knows me so perfectly.  He is so patient, even when I am stubborn.

So, back at Christmas time, I had an opportunity to meet with this person. Just the two of us, having some coffee.  It was so hard, but so right. It was time. Time to let the past go, time to let the future shine.

We are on a road to healing.  It is going to take time. It may be a bumpy road. Will things ever be the same again, like they were? No, but I don't think they are supposed to be. Maybe one day they will be better, different but better.

I was able to share this testimony in church yesterday. How God worked in my heart to forgive. I could not have done it without His healing hand of mercy.  I give all the glory to my Savior and King!

If there is unforgiveness in your heart, ask The Lord to help you.  He is faithful.  He understands. He will see you through it.

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