Easy DIY Infinity Scarf ~ Super EASY!!

Super Duper Easy Infinity Scarf! Seriously, it only took me about 15 minutes to make! There are tons of tutorials out there on these, but I was asked, so I will deliver. :)

Super Easy DIY Infinity Scarf
And it's made out of a sheet!

Step One:
Lay out your fabric, folded in half. I only have mine folded up to the top of the scarf.  I used this scarf as the pattern and cut it out just about the same size. If you can, line up the sewed edge of the sheet, so you only have to sew one side of the scarf.  Time saver!!

Use Scarf As Pattern

Step Two:
Sew the ends together with a French Seam. I tried to find a quick and easy website to explain a french seam, but to no avail. It seemed like every site made this simple little seam into a college major!

French Seam

All you need to do is sew the "wrong sides" together first.  Make sure you sew pretty close to the raw edge. Iron the seam flat to one side. Then fold the "right sides" together, iron the seam flat to one side and sew the "right sides" together. You'll need to make sure that you sew it wide enough that the raw edge is hidden inside the seam. It looks cool and no unraveling!  :) Trust me, its really not that hard. Now if you're a beginner at sewing.... you might want to check out the college major site ;) French Seam Tutorial

Step Three: Fold over the edge twice, iron and sew.  I hardly ever use stick pins.  I love it when I can iron the seam and it stays, so I figure why bother with those pins.

The other side was already sewed.  And there you have it! Done!

Easy DIY Infinity Scarf

Open it up, fold it in half (so the wrong sides are together), and wrap it around your neck twice! Voile'!

DIY Infinity Scarf Told Ya

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