Easy $1 DIY Spice Racks!

Easy $1 DIY Spice Racks!

This is one of the projects, that I wasn't even sure to share it... But it's such a cool, cheap and easy way to organize your spices! 

I picked up these cooling racks at the Dollar Tree.

Cooling Racks

I'm going to be a bit transparent here.... don't judge me... This is the real deal...

Pantry Mess

Yep... that's my "spice/cooking" shelf. It was a jumbled crazy unorganized mess. Then one day, I just had it! I could no longer take the mess! I needed to get that shelf into shape. Pronto!  

I hated searching for spices. I had duplicates (that I didn't know about). There were ones that kinda looked the same and I would use the wrong spice in a recipe. Yeah, that's not fun! Who likes cumin in chocolate chip cookies!! 😝

I wanted a spice rack that I wouldn't have to clean.  I could have made one of those cute wooden ones, but they would eventually need to be cleaned and really... I'm just too lazy. So, I wanted a wire shelf, no cleaning! 😊 And more importantly, I didn't want to spend a boat load of $$ on one of those fancy smancy ones.

So, I kept searching through the Dollar Tree, just believing that I could find something there that would work.  They had these little wire baskets, but they were too shallow and the spices would've just fallen out, because I wanted to mount them on the pantry door.

In my search, I found those cooling racks you use for cooling cookies, and made them into DIY Spice Racks! It only cost $3 for all of them!

$3 Dollar Tree Spice Racks

I knew those cooling racks would work! Hubby didn't think they would, that while bending them, I would break the weld. But heck for $1 I'm willing to try it!  And I'm happy to say that it worked! Yeah, a couple of the welds didn't hold, but they work just fine!

Here's how I did it.

Bend the little legs flat as possible.

Bend Legs Flat

It will look like this.

Legs are bent flat

Then bend up the one side at the 4th wire. I used needle nose pliers to bend it.

Bend Side

Then skip one wire and bend the other side up.

Both sides bent up

I used this method for the smaller spice containers.  The larger ones, I made them wider at the bottom by skipping 2 wires and then bending up the other side.  It works great! You can see in the next picture.

Now the sides, aren't too fancy.  I racked my brain trying to find a workable solution for the sides from twine to wire.  I had this woven type of ribbon and just glued the ends together with my glue gun. 

Ribbon Side Straps

Hey, it works! And you can see how I put them on the pantry door. I measured and hung them with screws that had a large head on them. The little bent legs hang on the screws. After they were hung, I tightened the screw to hold in place. Pretty simple.

They don't bang around when I open the door and none have fallen. I can find all of my spices sooo easy and they are organized so I don't use the wrong one... 😉

Dollar Tree Spice Rack Complete


Dollar Tree Spice Rack Close up

2019 Update!! This year I updated this entire pantry! Including a bigger and better spice door. Check it out, The Best Spice Organizer. 

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