Basement Progress!

Church was cancelled yesterday, due to inclement weather, so I thought I'd share the progress I've made on the basement.

No, I'm not finished, but we've come a LONG way since this....

Basement Mess

Thank goodness! I'm kinda hyperventilating looking at this picture. And why did I leave it this way for so long??? No answers are coming to mind...

But I'm just tickled with the progress right now! So... I made another little video to show you. :)

If you want to see where this all started and see the other video clip I made.

There are still lots boxes to go through and organize, but I feel like I'm on a roll. It is quite freeing to purge and get rid of things that I've been holding on to! Especially if the "just in case I need it" hasn't happened in 5 years or more! Some things have hit the trash and some are boxed for the mission or to give away.

Everything has a place now.  It is much easier to keep organized when there is a home for every box, vase, candle, frame, ribbon etc... I'm breathing much easier now and I'm definitely not so overwhelmed every time I come downstairs to the basement.

And...Since we were home all day yesterday, Hubby finished the outlets! Yay! So, now we can finish that wall with beadboard. Then I can bring down my sewing table, and Hubby is going to install a light overhead. Once that is done, I'll be finished for now.

Sure, we'd love to put up walls and frame it all out with a nice floor and make it all pretty, but there are still too many other things upstairs that I'd rather put $$ to. I'm just using stuff I have to make this space functional and usable. That's really all I need.

This looks soooo much better!

Basement now

What do you think??

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