Skinny Iced Coffee {My Newest Coffee Addiction!}

Updated May 28, 2020

Skinny Iced Coffee

Who doesn't love an iced coffee? Well, I haven't always... I know, shocker!  But one day the switched flipped and now I LOVE iced coffee!  BUT!!

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I have this thing... I don't like to drink my calories.  I don't mind having a smoothie for breakfast or lunch, but to down 200-600 calories on a drink?  Nope!  No way, that's not going to happen!

So my goal was to create a yummy iced coffee without a bajillion calories!

This one is only about 30 calories!  Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Iced coffee is so easy to make.  You only need 3 ingredients.

Optional - coffee ice cubes

iced coffee ingredients

Let's talk about these ingredients...

Coffee - I use brewed coffee.  It can either be hot or cold brew.  It is nice to have a pitcher of cold brew in the fridge or I'll just pour leftover coffee into a pitcher and cool it in the fridge.

Milk - This is where your calories are.... I prefer unsweetened Almond Milk.  It's only 30 calories per cup! 👍  Of course, you can use any sort of milk, just remember the calories.

Sweetener - All of my sweeteners are sugar free.  I love all the Torani flavors!  I also really like Splenda Flavor Sticks, which I just realized they don't make anymore! Ugh!  But I just looked and saw a newer Equal French Vanilla, so I'm excited to try that!

You might have noticed that my ice cubes were dark... I freeze coffee in ice cube trays!  That way my iced coffee doesn't get watered down.  I like it a bit strong! 😍

coffee ice cubes

Okay, here's how I mix my iced coffee.  Basically, it's 1-1 ratio. This is where you can play with how strong you like it.
Adding almond milk to coffee

I fill my glass ½ full, then add milk to the rest.  Then I add my sweetener, stir and sip!

Super easy!!  Of course, the calories are going to depend on how much milk you add, and if you are using a sugar free sweetener.  But this doesn't even compare to how much you'd 'spend' in calories for a Starbucks ice coffee.

Skinny Iced Coffee Recipe

3 - 5 Coffee ice cubes
1 cup Cold Coffee
1 cup Milk (Almond milk)
Sweetener to taste

Skinny Iced Coffee

I also have this delicious Super Skinny Whipped Coffee Recipe that is to die for!!!  It is so creamy and it's still only about 30 calories!!

super skinny whipped coffee drink

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