Faux Plants For Summer

Faux Plants For Summer

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Right now, with how busy life is for me... Faux Plants for Summer is perfect! No maintenance at all! No watering, no deadheading, no worrying!

So this summer, I went all out on faux plants! 

But before we get started, let me welcome you to a week long of Summer Home Tours! This year I've joined with 30 other bloggers to share our homes with you all. My friend, Marty from A Stroll Thru Life , hosts this beautiful Summer Home Tour. If you are visiting from Worthing Court, welcome! Suzy has been blogging for many years and has a wonderful eye for decor. If you haven't seen her home tour, definitely click over and check it out!!

At the end of this post you will find the entire week's schedule of homes with links to each one. 

Now, let's get back to Faux Plants For Summer!

The best faux plants are the ones that trick your eye into believing that they are real! When I'm looking for faux plants, I'm looking at coloring, the stems, the way it drapes and the pot it's in. Some pots look great and others not so much. 

If I find a great plant with a lousy pot, I just pop it into a great pot! 

I've purchased several faux plants from IKEA. They always come in little black pots. That makes them look a bit fake. This little cutie I found at IKEA the other week, so I popped it in a terra cotta pot and now it looks so adorable!! I will have to say it's one of my favorite ones.

Faux hoya kerrii

Let's talk about this kitchen window. When we moved here about a year and a half ago, I was certain I was going to get rid of this 'greenhouse' window when get around to our kitchen remodel.

Now, I'm not so sure. I kind of like all the plants and how they offer some privacy from the street with out a curtain or a blind.

The only problem is that it is a super deep window. I can't easily reach back there to water any of the real plants without a step stool. So, I decided to put all faux plants near the back. I have a few succulents up front that I can keep an eye on for watering. 👍

Now, I love it!

Faux & real plants in kitchen window box

This year, since we are soooo busy with remodeling and construction, (Kitchen remodel should be starting this summer. 🙏) I wanted to strip the house of most decor and start with a clean slate.

I want simple and uncluttered. Yet, I want it homey at the same time. For me, green plants gives the sense of life to a home. It's comforting to me.

So, I cleared off all the surfaces and placed very little back on them. One pot on our sofa console.

Living room with plants

The coffee table, the same treatment. Don't mind the stack of flooring off to the side.... just keeping it real!

Faux plant on coffee table

Side tables, less is more. I really don't like cluttered side tables. I love this little plant! Look at the veining and color and how it really looks like it's creeping.

faux plant on side table

Faux fern on side table

Then for the TV console, I decided to stack some books. I always think of reading during the summer, plus a lot of relaxing and daydreaming. 

Faux plants and books on TV console

In light of keeping everything simple, I went with neutral pillow covers. I purchased the striped and leather ones on Amazon.

Living room to dining room

Lastly, I redid my front porch planter. It's all faux plants and flowers. Post coming next week!! Let's not forget my lovely front door basket arrangement. I didn't change that. It's too beautiful!

Faux Plants & Flowers Front Porch Planter

That's all folks! Hope you were inspired to try some faux plants for summer or all year round!

Since I won't have to be watering my plants tonight... I'll put my feet up on the porch with a glass of tea and check out the rest of this weeks beautiful summer homes! Don't forget to check out who's next, Heather from Southern State of Mind! You don't want to miss her beautiful home and style!



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  1. I am so with you when it comes to faux plants. I do have a few real ones, but the faux's are the ones I can keep looking half way decent. Your home is really coming along, you guys have do so much in such a short time. Thanks so much for joining the tours again this season, your home is always filled with inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much Marty! I appreciate your kind words! So much more to do!!

  2. What a geat collection of faux plants and they all look so real.

  3. Hi Lori. I totally agree - there's nothing more perfect for summer than plants! I know what you mean about your greenhouse window, but I love it and wish that I had one. Loved your summer touches!

    1. Hi Suzy! Thanks! I'm falling in love with that window more and more!

  4. Hey Lori! It's so good to meet you thanks to this tour! Love that you use faux plants as much as we do. IKEA for the win! All your summer details look fantastic. Pinned and have a happy summer!

  5. I'm a lover of faux plants, too! We move every couple of years and of course I can't always take live plants with me, so I have quite a few better-than-real ones in my collection. Your summer decor is lovely. Good luck with the kitchen reno!

  6. As much as I love gardening outdoors I don't seem to do well with live houseplants. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that has a thing for faux plants, especially in the summer. There are so many better things to do in those summer months than watering plants. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy summer.

  7. They are especially pretty in my second story window boxes where hose doesn’t reach The birds still nest in them So cute and easy. Thank you for your ideas and inspiration 💕

    1. Yes! That's perfect! What a great way to have pretty with no work!

  8. I see what you mean with the kitchen window, it looks very pretty the way you styled it. And faux plants are a necessity. :) I hope you have a very relaxing summer!

  9. I love all of your faux plants! I love faux anything, since I'm really not a very good gardener at all and they last forever! Your summer touches are beautiful!

    1. Hi Tamara! Yes, that's what I love the longevity!! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I'm the worst with plants to I have not problem mixing in faux! I love how you decorated with them!

  11. Those are some pretty convincing fake plants, Lori! I love how you styled the table beneath your tv. Wishing you a wonderful summer. :)

    1. Hi Erica! Thanks so much! I'm so glad some of the fooled you! ;)

  12. I love this post! I have always wanted to add more faux plants and yours are gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!


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