Easy Front Door Makeover

Easy Front Door Makeover

It was definitely time for a makeover... It had been since 2014 that I painted my front door!  Everyone loved the orange...

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Orange Front Door

It just didn't reflect our style anymore.  What's funny is I just showed a picture of our new front door to my son and he said, "Nice, it looks like the rest of your house!"  Which is exactly what I wanted! 💗

The easiest way to update your front door is with either paint or with new door decor.  I did both!

I struggled finding the right color... what else is new 😜.  My poor neighbors had to look at this for the longest time...

Testing paint colors on the front door

I ordered samples and mixed colors I had on hand.  It just wasn't the right color.  One day, while looking downstairs in my paint stash, I found a sample I don't remember getting.  It's called Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams.

So, I tried it on the door.  I really liked it! Done!  I purchased a gallon of it mixed in Behr Marquee Exterior Paint.  

This time I decided I to get rid of the brass kick plate.  I thought I could fill the holes with wood filler, but that didn't work at all.  I ended up using JB Weld.  It's a 2 step epoxy that was easy to use.

The front door got a good cleaning and I lightly sanded it for the paint to adhere.  I didn't prime it or anything.  

Painting front door Oyster Bay

I was pleasantly surprised that it only took 2 coats!  I just finished painting our interior doors recently and I shared, 5 Tips For Painting Interior Doors.  It's basically the same process, I'm just use an exterior paint for the front door.

While the paint was drying I worked on spray painting all of the door hardware.  I used the same technique that I did when I spray painted our indoor hardware.  You can read all about that here,  

You can see from the first photo, that I created something a little different for the front door.  I'm just a little tired of wreaths. 

I've had this idea brewing for awhile... to hang a basket on the door and just switch out bouquets seasonally.  Wouldn't that be so easy? I wouldn't have to store wreaths and it would be less fussy. 🙌

I purchased this basket at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.  Some of the floral stems I had on hand and some I picked up at Micheals.

Floral bouquet supplies

I just gathered the flowers together like a bouquet and tried to arrange them.  Then I laid them out and cut off the stems that stuck out past the basket.

cut off stems that are too long

Next, I just grabbed a twist tie and tied them together and stuck them in the basket.  I stuffed some balled up plastic bags to fill in the extra space. 

To hang it on the door, I made little loops with jute and stuck them through the basket.  

Hanging basket on door with jute loops

At first I only made one loop in the center and drilled a screw in the middle of the door.  But of course, the basket kept swinging... ugh... So, then I made two loops and drilled in two more screws.  Oh, well.

But it looks beautiful!!

Floral Basket Bouquet on the front door

I'm so happy with how it all turned out.  Look at at that black hardware!  I even painted the storm door's hardware.

Full front door

It goes so well with our navy blue shutters we painted last spring. 
Front of house full view

So happy! 😍  



  1. Your door looks beautiful, and very inviting. On your flower arrangement, I love how the greenery hangs down over the basket. It really draws your eye to the arrangement.

    1. Thanks so much! It's so encouraging to hear from readers!

  2. Love them both! The pretty door color and the gorgeous basket flower arrangement!

  3. Is this Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay? I searched Behr and didn't come up with that color. It's lovely!

    1. It's been awhile, so I had to go look... It says Oyster Bay SW, so it must be Sherwin Williams! I had it mixed in Behr Marquee paint.


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