Spring Projects On My Radar

I've been a bit MIA lately...My sweet daughter was home on spring break. It was sooo nice spending time with her. Her and Hubby even got to have a "date".
Dad and baby girl
But she is back at school and I'm back to the apartments and life keeps on goingThere are a few things that are on my radar this week.

For one....If you follow me on Instagram (which you can check out if you click HereYou might remember this picture.
Magazine Mess
When I was recovering from surgery, I went through almost every single one. And now I have this mess....
Magazine Inspiration Mess
I have plans for this mess! In fact... (Here's an update...this is what I did with that mess. Check out What To Do With All Those Magazines?)

Another thing.... Remember Project Organization 2014? I've completed 3 whopping drawers.

Drawer Organizer for under $1
Seriously, that's like a drawer a month. I'm not too impressed, but I guess I'm farther than I was. So, here's another area that needs help!
Make Up Mess
This is only part of it. The final straw? The knob fell off my makeup drawer. :)

Here's the other part of the mess...
Vanity Drawer Mess

It's a contained mess, yet not working for me. I'd like to combine the two messes and clear off my vanity. (Update!! Here is the completed Vanity Drawer Organizer for $1  Check it out!!)

So, that's were we are for now.

Oh, and one more thing! It's time for a mantel change! My daughter did the winter one during her Christmas/winter break.(Not a great pic, iphone)
Winter Mantel
But now it's just about Spring Time!! FINALLY! I really like winter, but this one has been really cold and really long!!

My daughter and I had good intentions of doing a spring mantel together, we just ran out of time.

Hopefully, I'll get to all of it this week!
We'll see....


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