What I've Been Up To Lately...

Well, last week I had a few things on my radar.
So, how'd I do? Ehhh. Not so good.
Good intentions are not adding up to be intentional.
But I did manage to do a few things! :)
Like a little centerpiece for my table.

Spring Table Centerpiece

I made that sign a few years ago, I love bringing it out every year. 
It's pretty easy to make.

I started working on my spring mantel.  I actually had to google the word mantel.  I couldn't remember if it was mantel or mantle.  It's mantel. :)

Have you seen those colored bottles on Pinterest?
I thought they would look colorful and simple so I decided to try it.

Painting bottles with acrylic paint

 I poured some paint in and started swirling it around.
I got a little impatient and added just a tiny bit of water to the white ones. Ummm...

Painting bottles with acrylic paint

Kind of a fail! I had them in the window for days waiting for them to dry...
In the meantime my mantel looked like this.

Spring Mantel

A bit bare.... still have the winter "sticks" up there.
But I love that tulip wreath!

Spring Mantel

I made it last year, all the flowers are from the Dollar Tree!  
You can see how I made it.

Mini DIY Tulip Wreath

So, I decided to use the bottles anyway...
Maybe I'll spray paint the outside of them, I don't know.  
But I kinda wanted to be done.
Spring Mantel

They don't look so bad. I love all of the spring colors.

Spring Printable
 Perfect. Simple.
Spring Mantel

Altogether... Definitely spring has sprung!



  1. Love your Spring arrangements especially the He is Risen table top display. So simple, yet profound and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your website with us.

    1. Thank you! I feel like less is more. The simpler the better. Thanks for reading!


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