Easy 10 Minute DIY Bed Buddy!

Do you suffer from cold feet at night?
Do you have aches and pains that could use some relief?
Then (trumpet sounds)
You should try the A M A Z I N G.... BED BUDDY!
This will give immediate relief to all your ailments!

(Can you hear the announcer's annoying voice?)

You can get yours for this one time amazing price, call the number below!

What's funny is my hubby can do this quite well!
I just couldn't resist!
To me this sounded like the perfect sound byte!

Truthfully, I sleep this one of these guys almost every night.

I've noticed in the last 10 years or so, my feet seem colder than ever, especially during the winter.  I think it might have something to do with my under-active thyroid, but who knows.
So this is my solution!

It's a Rice Bed Buddy.
A friend of mine told me about these a long time ago.
You use long grain rice, and microwave it.
It's a wonderful moist heat, that last a LONG time.

This would be one of my first and quickest versions.
Yep! Pour some long grain rice into a sock and tie it off!
But the one I'm going to show you is from an old t-shirt.  I literally made the thing from start to finish in 10 minutes.  That's how easy!!

All you need is a t-shirt and some long grain rice.
I'm dying for spring, so I found this fun old tie dye t-shirt.
Just cut out part of the bottom, like so...
You can make it as large or small as you like.
I'm going to use the hem end for my opening.
Then inside it out.
And sew along all three sides leaving the "hemmed" side open.
Yep, I sewed the folded side.  
I just want to make sure that none of the rice escapes.

Now, I would recommend sewing around twice.
It makes me feel better....
Then inside it out, and fill about 3/4 full with long grain rice.
Now, you are almost done!
Just a quick sew along the opening.  Yep, I double sewed that baby!
Easy, right?!
To use, all you do is pop it into the microwave and heat.  Now, I like all things HOT! Hot showers, coffee near boiling... so my bed buddy is definitely probably more toasty than you might like.  I put it in the microwave for 2 min.  You might want to try a minute to a minute and a half and see how you like it.

I have these all over the house.  
I even made one for my baby girl when she went off to college. 
Even hubby's taken a liking to them being at the foot of the bed.
They are  A M A Z I N G !!!

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