(My) Fashion Over 40 ~ Being Joyful

Spring has gotta come soon! 
I'm ready to wear some fun spring colors!
And flip flops!
I love flip flops... I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before..... I miss them.
It was a whopping 57 degrees yesterday!
Oh, yeah, baby!!
But I still wore a sweater... :/
What can I say, I'm still cold.

Fashion Over 40

Another classic look.
I love red! I feel it's a good color on me too.
Just a basic cable sweater. That sweater is so old, I couldn't even begin to tell you where I purchased it. But it has held up very well.
I purchased that skirt at Target last year.  
It was love at first sight! 
I had to wait until it went on sale and then I snatched it up!
Add some tights, pumps and pearls, good to go!

Oh, I gotta show you the new coat I just got!
Kohls Clearance $44 with free shipping! Oh Yeah!

Fashion Over 40

I needed a new coat. My old ones were all too big.
I know it's a terrible problem to have.
I was so jazzed that I fit very comfortably in a small!
Yeah, I was shocked but thrilled!!
I wasn't sure if I'd like the belt, but I really do!

We have been going through 1 Thessalonians at church.
We are up to chapter 5 verse 16.

Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

Our Pastor talked about 
Being Joyful ~ that's different than happiness.
Praying Continually ~ Pray when we can, anywhere we can.
And Give Thanks ~ Through it all. See up in the verse it says be thankful IN all circumstances. No matter what comes our way, Christ is with us and we can always find something to be thankful about.

I try to always remember that God is ultimately in control and knowing that I am His child, He will take the best care of me.  He allows whatever I go through. He knows I can handle it. Even though, I might not like it very much. Still, He knows how to make me stronger and rely on Him more.
He's such a wonderful Father.
Be Blessed!
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