Whole30 Challenge {Part 2}

Ok, Here we go with Part 2.

Here's Part 1 if you missed it!

There really is no preparing to start the Whole30 Challenge. You just need to jump in with both feet and go for it. Like I said earlier, I wasn't sure I would even be able to complete it. But here I am on day 18.

The first day, of course, you are all GUNG HO!

AND, of course, on my first day, we're having friends over for dinner and I'm making enchiladas, rice and beans. Then I made Dreamsicle cupcakes. I didn't realize how hard it was not to lick the spoon or bowl when I was done! Ahh!!

But I didn't! And I cooked some veggies incase anyone else wanted some.

I think the next morning was the toughest, when I went to pour my first cup of coffee. Well, let's just say that I thought it tasted like I licked the bottom of an ashtray. Yuck. But I sipped on...

I think by day 9 it tasted less like an ashtray. Cravings were pretty intense the first couple of days. Especially wanting something with sugar.

Day three I made this delicious concoction.
Chocolate Nutty Banana Puddin

Sooo easy to make!
Chocolate Nutty Banana Puddin!
1/2 C. nuts (Walnut/almond or a mix)
Grind up in mini processor
Add Banana
Add 1 T. unsweetened cocoa powder.
Perfection!  Even better cold!

During the first week my energy dived. I was very tired and was trudging through the day. Working out made me dizzy and exhausted. But I knew that was my body reacting to my new way of eating, plus losing so much weight so fast.  

Then I read, that I should be eating within an hour of waking up! Uhhh!  No! Not this girl, I don't usually eat breakfast til 9-9:30am. I like my coffee. I also take thyroid meds that I have to wait an hour to eat.

But since I didn't like how tired I was feeling I tried it. I ate right at the one hour mark. It actually wasn't horrible. I had A LOT more energy for working out!

I guess my tank was out of gas.  :)

Cravings started to subside after the first week. Thank God!

Another thing that has been an adjustment for me is cooking. I don't really like to cook, but the quick stuff isn't cutting it anymore. So, I've been cooking up a storm! I even made Whole 30 Homemade Mayonnaise.  It was amazing!!

I've had veggies all kinds of ways raw, steamed, sautéed, roasted, mashed. There really is a lot of variety.

I'll be sharing a bunch of My Favorite Whole30 Recipes
Favorite Whole 30 Recipes
I also have some pinned on Pinterest, if you want to check them out.

I've really started to listen to my body. I'm more aware of my hunger, thirst, desires for certain foods.
I had a hankering for steak the other day. I don't really EVER eat steak. But I wanted some, so I bought a small one and grilled it. Yum!

Fruit tastes soooo much sweeter and delicious! It's like dessert! My tastebuds have definitely awakened.  
Being on day 18, I can tell you that my energy levels have leveled out and are consistent throughout the day. Which I love! I feel better. My clothes fit better.

I have 12 days left. I'm really liking this.... will I go back to regular eating? Not so sure....

Recipes coming next time!

(I did finish! Whole30 Challenge Complete! I did it! )

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