Whole 30 Meal Ideas

As you know I've been doing the Whole30 Challenge.

Don't worry, I certainly haven't forgotten about my overbearing gallery wall. I'm thinking I really might finish it this week!

Anyway....  I've been asked to share some of the things I've been eating. Most mornings include eggs, but there are so many variations you can make!
Whole 30 Breakfast ideas
For lunch I've noticed I really like tuna!
Whole 30 Lunch Ideas
Here are some of the things I've been eating for dinner.
Whole 30 Dinner Ideas
My favorite right now is Kale Chips! They are AMAZING!!! Plus soooo easy!

The photo doesn't do them justice!
Kale Chips

Kale Chips:
Clean and rinse 1 bunch of kale
Set oven to 300 degrees
Tear kale into pieces and place on a cookie sheet.
Spritz with olive oil and salt lightly.
Bake for 20 minutes.

They come out so light, crispy and delicious!

The energy I've been experiencing has been phenomenal. I love the fact that I'm not dealing with the afternoon slumps. This has been so good for me.

If you want to see my Whole30 Challenge Adventure, you can read all about it.

There are so many other new recipes I've tried.  
I'll be sharing more of those soon.

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