Whole30 Challenge Complete ~ I did it!!

I really really did it!!
I can't believe that I actually completed the 
Whole30 Challenge!
Here is a before I found...
Before Whole30
And here is an after....
After Whole30
Whoo Hoo! What and adventure it was!
I honestly feel like this has completely and thoroughly altered my way of thinking about food.

I feel fantastic! I dropped a total of 13 lbs!
Veggies and I are now bff's and I'm trying to find creative ways to put them into everything!
I've cooked things I've never dreamed of making.
And they were good! :)
Even my picky eating college aged daughter has been eating and trying some of the meals I've made. Yay!
Hubby was on board from day 1 and has continually encouraged me!  When he would cook, he would make it Whole30 for both of us! 
He's always so right there! for me!

About sugar.... I'm not entirely sure if I trust myself yet.
Sugar is sooo addicting and I don't want to find myself back into the perpetual cycle.
This is interesting!

Sugar Addiction Cycle

Crazy, right??
Not saying that I won't ever have sugar again, but I want to completely informed and aware about what I'm eating.

Carbs?? eh.... I haven't really missed them too much. Maybe tortillas, like in enchiladas. But bread for sandwiches...nah, not really.
Oh, I'm going to try some just to see how my body reacts. I'll probably have a sandwich now and then, but I really don't want to go back to how I used to eat.

Dairy?? Yes, I did miss dairy.  
Not cheese really, I missed yogurt.
So, yesterday was day 1 after Whole30, and I had a 
greek yogurt/spinach/banana/blueberry smoothie!
It was wonderful!!
Spinach Smoothie

So healthy and delicious!
I'm not sure where I'm going to go from here, but I definitely don't want this good feeling I have to disappear. So, I'm probably going to just keep on eating the way I have for the last 30 days, just not so strictly.  I also have a good friend that just started the Whole30 Challenge and it's been fun to share recipes and experiences.
Have you ever thought of trying the Whole30 Challenge? You should! 
It was an amazing experience!
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I'm hoping to share more recipes in the future.
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