Gallery Wall Is Complete!

Yes! It's finally finished! I'm still pinching myself....
Gallery Wall

I am sooo happy with the way it came out!  

Hubby did all the work measuring! Crunching the numbers...He deserves all the credit!
Crunching the numbers for the gallery wall
First, came the layout...
layout for gallery wall
It worked out a lot easier than I thought it would!

Then cutting out all of the templates for the wall.
Templates on the wall
See! It's coming together!

Now, I would have just eye balled the whole thing. I'm not much into measuring... Too much brain power.  :P But not hubby, he likes it perfect! So, he measures everything!
Measure twice!

More measuring
He did such a terrific job! I'm really glad he did it, my pictures would have been all over the place, not pretty and not what I wanted.

I planned for it to be like a timeline of our family. Starting with our wedding picture. 

You can see how I did The Stacked Stenciled Frame, here. I painted the wood part of the sign and my daughter painted the "Est. 1988" on it.

I love it when she helps!
Wedding Photo
So, then we have the babies. You can see how I did the, Baby Baby Wood Plaques, here..
Gallery Wall Right Side
They were so cute when they were young!

I made the Button Monogram and you can check that out here. You can also see how I customized the frame here.

Next, we have the Photo Collage.
Gallery Wall Photo Collage
You can see what I did to the collage frame here.

My daughter actually helped us with some placement. I was going to have it a lot lower, but she explained some design elements that helped us see it would look so much better centered.

I painted the sign above it. "All because two people fell in love"  I love that sign! I'll explain how I did that another day, another post. :)

So, here's the left side.
Gallery Wall Left

Gallery Wall Left
Awww my babies have grown up!!

See, that's what I've been so busy with! My son just graduated from college with a BS in Computer Information Science. So, we had the graduation, packed up his apartment, brought him home. Then had a graduation party 3 days later, then 2 days after that, we packed him up again and moved him to Illinois! It's been extremely busy!

Congratulations, Bud! We are all so proud of him!
Our graduate
So, back to the gallery wall....
Gallery Wall Complete
The last part of the wall is our family picture and me and hubs on our 25th wedding anniversary!

I did the bamboo mat on the family picture.  
You can see how I did that here.

Whew!!! I am SOOO glad that I finally finished that wall! It was so daunting and overwhelming, but it's done and I love it!! Thank you sooo much, to hubby for doing all of the hard work!

**Update: I've repainted and updated the look in this room. :) It looks so much better than that poopy brown color... Gallery Wall Updated!

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