Frames With Stripes

Just a quick little post about my latest spray painting frenzy.  
I was able to get all of those frames painted!! Yay!!
I have to say...I am getting extremely impatient with this gallery wall.  
It is taking FOR--EVER!!
Patience is not one of my strong points...  I know it doesn't help that I'm working at our apartments everyday again.  Lot's of work to do there.   It's just that I have so many other projects I want to start.  Patience....  
That seems to be coming up a lot in my life right now.  I guess, I'm going to learn this whether I want to or not... I honestly feel this is what I need, 
not easy but good.
Ok... back to the frames.  This was supposed to be quick and easy,right?
So, you know that I'm trying to make some of my frames a bit unique. I thought I'd do another version of a stacked frame.  Hubby had some scrap wood, and I asked him to cut out a couple of squares for me.  
He is always so willing. :) He was a bit frustrated because the wood kept splintering when he cut it.  I told him I didn't care.  I wasn't looking for perfect. I sanded them a bit, primed and painted them white.I wanted to do something simple. Stripes. Stripes are simple.  I dug out my Frog Tape.
I just eyeballed it and slapped them on. I'm kinda liking the yellow stripes...
Oh, yes! Nice... But it will have to be somewhere else in house.  Yellow won't work on the gallery wall.  So, then I spray painted them with my favorite paint.... Heirloom White. :))
Ooooo lovin this! Now they are ready for prints.
Aren't they precious? I just glued them together.  Easy and simple.  Love!
2 more done!  Hopefully, more pics will be in those frames I spray painted! Then comes the fun part of arranging them all on the wall. I cannot wait!!

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