Bamboo Photo Mat/Spray Painting Mats

Want to do something a little different than a standard photo mat? Check this out!
Bamboo Photo Mat

I'm here to show you how much I've gotten done on the gallery wall. This has wall has been such a trying challenge for me.  But I really r-e-a-l-l-y see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I had a spray painting frenzy about a week ago and got about 10 frames painted.  
Spray painting frames
Then the other day I worked on getting all of the pictures in the frames.

For our family picture, I wanted to do something a little different.

While I was down in the basement, grabbing some photo mats, I found some bamboo placements.
Bamboo Placemat
I thought they might look cool on the mat. I disassembled it into individual sticks.
Bamboo Sticks
I tried using my glue gun, but the glue kept drying to fast. I couldn't place it quick enough, so I cut up the sticks to make the pieces smaller, making a brick like effect.
Piecing Bamboo Sticks on Mat
I just kept going around and around.
Bamboo Mat
Pretty cool and fun to do.

This is what it looked like when I was finished.
Bamboo Mat
Next, I wanted to spray paint it white.
Painted DIY Bamboo Mat
LOVE it!!

I thought it would look nice with our family picture that has an outdoor setting.
Bamboo Mat Complete
I really like the way it looks!

Hubby and I were talking last night about this picture, I believe it was taken in the summer of 2011. That was only 2 years ago, but we all look so different today. It might be time for an update.

While I was putting together the picture and frames, I found some mats that would work, but were the wrong color. Hmmm, my answer? Spray Paint!

They were all sorts of colors. But I figured I had nothing to loose. I wasn't sure how the mat would take the paint. Would it ripple or warp? It seemed to just soak it in. This is after one coat of primer.
Spray Painted Photo Mats
I only used cheap flat paint after the one coat of primer. It took a couple of coats, but they came out perfect! See!
Spray Painted Photo Mats
Almost finished! I wanted to double mat their graduation portraits, I found some more that would work. Wrong colors again, so I spray painted them black. They came out perfect!
Spray Painted Photo Mats Complete
Simple and classic.  My babies... 
They've grown up so fast....

Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful years I've had raising them....

This gallery wall is definitely one I will be cherishing! 

Now, I only have 3 more items to complete! This week, I'm going to start making newspaper templates of all my frames. Let the designing begin!

Blessings to you all!

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