We Built A Stove Hood!

We Built A Stove Hood!

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Yes! We did it! When we started this kitchen remodel, I knew I wanted a simple stove hood that had a wood contrast. This is pretty much exactly what I had in mind!

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This post, by no means will be a "tutorial", but it will show you the steps we took to build our stove hood. 

We wanted a vented exhaust fan. The recirculating ones are fine, but we felt better with a vented one, since our stove is gas. That means we will be cutting into the ceiling and roof in order to vent it. We planned on a 30" stove hood for our 30" wide stove, which is pretty standard. 

Creating a frame for the stove vent

We had already installed an electrical outlet in the space where the stove exhaust fan would sit. Here hubby is attaching the frame to hold the fan. We purchased our stove exhaust fan on Amazon. It is an EKON 900CFM vented range hood. It had pretty good reviews and it was WAY cheaper than anything at Lowes or Home Depot. We've had it now for 6 months and are still happy with it!

Adding additional supports

Above, hubby added additional supports for the weight of the stove fan. We've got it in there pretty snug!

Next, it was time to install the vent pipe through the ceiling into the attic and through the roof. He did an amazing job. We were a tad bit nervous cutting a hole in our new roof, but it all worked out great!

Installed vent through ceiling and roof

Roof exhaust vent for stove fan

Now that the stove exhaust fan is functional, it's time to dress it up! We used 3/4" plywood to form the sides of the hood. Hubby worked his magic numbers to achieve the correct slope.

Adding the decorative pieces to stove hood

You can see that the 3/4" plywood still wasn't wide enought to fill the gap between the cabinet. We added a very small filler piece to make it all fit.

Adding Right side piece for stove hood

Adding left side piece for stove hood

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we needed to figure out the size of the 'door' for the stove hood. I have such a cool plan for that! Looking good!

Figuring size of stove hood door

I want to paint the top half of the sides white to match the cabinets and the bottom part to be stained with trim pieces added.

Stained sides of stove hood showing trim piece

It worked out perfect! The trim pieces will hide all the screws that hold the whole thing together.

If you look in the next photo, you can see that we added a 1x2 at the top of where the door will hinge. This is where we will add a piano hinge.

Painting side parts of stove hood white

Loving this! It took us awhile to settle on a stain color. I think it's the perfect tone, not too gray, not too orangey brown.

This is the combination of stains. First, I always use Minwax Pre-Stain. This keeps the stain smooth and even. Then I use the Classic Gray stain, wipe on and off, then Provincial stain, wipe on and off.

Stain combination for stove hood trim

These trim pieces came out great. Except the long piece on the left. I saw the grain on it before I cut it and I had a feeling it was going to stain weird. And it did... ugh! I went and got a new board without that weird zebra graining. It worked out fine!

Stained trim pieces for stove hood

Now, we're ready to work on the 'door'. I wanted to shiplap the door and give it a trim to mimic the cabinets. I used the underlayment 'shiplap' and used a nickel for the gap. Nailed them on then added trim pieces.

Building stove hood door

Wow! It's really taking shape! Just a few more pieces of trim for the door, spackle and paint.

Stove hood almost finished

We need to stain the front piece and add the trim pieces. Then hubby added the piano hinge at the top, so we can open it if needed.

You can see that we've already started building the cabinets to the ceiling.

Stove hood finished!

I glued all of the trim pieces so that I didn't have to fill any nail holes. We used Liquid Nails. It's a bit thicker than regular wood glue, so the pieces didn't slide around much. It worked out perfect!

Loving how this project came out! It looks like it was meant to be there and goes so well with the cabinets.

On to the next project! Can you guess? Fridge enclosure? Backsplash tile? 



  1. I like the vent-a-hood. It blends great with the cabinets. You will really enjoy the new look.

    1. Thanks sooooo much! We are thrilled with how they turned out!

  2. It looks fantastic! You and Mike have and are doing a great job. I look forward to seeing more. Elaine

    1. Thanks, Elaine! We are so happy with our little kitchen. :)


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