Sunday Style Over 50 - Walking Out Your Faith

Sunday Style Over 50 - Walking Out Your Faith

I actually wore this outfit to church last Sunday...  

I had a new dress on this morning and the more I looked at it the more I didn't really care for it.  So, I changed at the last minute and didn't really have any time to take photos.  Oh well.  I love an easy outfit and this is a favorite.

I want to chat about, 'Walking Out Your Faith'.

Sometimes it's easy to say, 'I have faith that God will take care of this....'  You can fill in the blank with whatever is your concern or problem.

But... saying it and walking it out are two totally different things. This is something that is so very real to me right now.

Hebrews 11:1 (NKJV)
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

What does this scripture mean?  It means that you should believe things completely even if you have no evidence to support your belief.

Easier said than done....

For the last few years, Hubby and I have felt The Lord telling us that our current home is not our 'forever home'.  Which we thought it was when we had it built.  Its taken us some time to really grasp this, because we love our home.

That feeling has never dissipated, its only got stronger.  We know this was the Holy Spirit kind of pushing us.  

Through a couple circumstances, we felt God was showing us that now was the time to put our house up for sale.  We had no clue where we were going to move.  We need to stay in this area, but there really hasn't been any houses available that we were interested in.

We went ahead though, and took that step of faith.  Was there fear?  No, not really.  

We just knew in our knower that He was going to come through!  We know how faithful God is because  He has shown His faithfulness to us over and over throughout the years. And He did it again!  

There was a little house nearby that was listed as a 2br/2bath.  We weren't interested in a house that small, so I skipped over it.

While I was scrolling through listings, it popped up again.  They had lowered the price, so I took a look at the photos...  Hmmm... this has a little more room than you think.  I wonder?  So, I set up an appointment to see it with my realtor for the next morning.

Once I saw it and walked through, I felt Mike needed to take a look at it too.  He happen to get off early that day (which never happens) and my realtor was free to show it to us again that afternoon. 

We had been specifically praying that we would know right away while we were looking at a house, whether it was for us or not.

We knew! We both loved it and put in an offer.  It was accepted!!  

Now, we need to sell our house....  or should I really say, 'God, You need to sell our house'.  We have cleaned, cleaned and cleaned!  It's all spruced it up and ready!  We just kept praying to God,  asking Him to do His thing!

We've had a couple of showings and the other day we received an offer!

He is so faithful!  So far everything has fallen into place.  We can only attribute that to the grace, mercy and love of God.

Why is He so faithful?  Because that's just who He is.  Do we deserve it? Absolutely not!  But He gives over and over again.  

Thank you, Lord!  Thank You for pushing us to walk out our faith.  

We praise You for Your goodness.
We are so excited!!



  1. It really is exciting to walk out our faith, Lori! That's the life I learned from my parents and it's the only life that brings real peace. I love 'knowing in my knower' that God is leading and that HE will work it all out. I'm excited about your new home and can't wait to see it and all the things you do with it. And I love your style! Cute outfit this week, as always.

  2. Yes it is!! Thank you for your encouragement, Adrienne! You always lift me up! Thanks so much!

  3. Great is his Faithfulness, so happyfor you, cannot wait to see your new home!


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