How To Plank A Wall Easy & Cheap!

How To Plank A Wall Easy And Cheap
This project is still one of my favorites!  I have received so many compliments on this little wall.

It is a super easy, fun and cheap project!  You only need to use a miter saw, and a nail gun.  It's fun to mix the stains and paints for the different looks for each plank.  Then you just need to nail them up.  Of course, there's a little more to it, so just click on over to, How To Plank A Wall, to get all the details. 😀  But what a difference this accent wall makes!

Today is Home & Decor Encore and it looks like we have some great things in store for you!

Our goal is to take a post from our archives and freshen it up.  Sometimes it might need a little rewriting or the photos could use an update.  Either way, when we do that it brings new life to the post, making it more current for today!

A big thank you to Doreen for organizing this for us!  

Home and Decor Encore Collage 8/7/20


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