Weekend Wedding Prep

Whew! What a weekend! It's been pretty busy lately and if you've been reading my blog you probably know why.

My daughter is getting married in 34 days! πŸ’—  So exciting! And because she lives in Virginia, that means weekend dashes down there to help get things ready. 😍  Which I don't mind at all, because I love spending time with her and her fiancΓ©.
Engagement photo
The weekend started with a Friday drive... I'm still on the hunt for a few things for myself.... Like shoes for my dress for the wedding, a tie for hubby and the PERFECT foundation. I veered off my Virginia course to shop a bit. I think I found a pair of shoes... 
wedding shoes
I'm just not sure. Ugh! I can be so indecisive. We'll see... And I wanted to swing by a Nordstoms to get color matched and snag a sample of some Chanel foundation. The closest one is in Dulles...

It's fine, I had a great drive down jamming! Heard this one on the way down! Can you name that tune! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
When I arrived Friday, we relaxed, chatted and figured out a game plan for Saturday.

Saturday was so productive! We were able to do flower decorations for one of her signs, flower girl wands, cake backdrop and drapery tie backs. It's all so pretty! 
wedding flowers

wedding flowers
Sure I'd LOVE to share more, but I don't want to spoil it!

My daughter tried on her dress and I put in a bustle loop and button. Oh... she looks so beautiful! That dress fits her like a glove.  I told her it was made just for her. πŸ’•  

She has so much on her plate right now and she's doing an amazing job planning her wedding and doing ALL of the decor! Her fiancé is a HUGE help in planning and building her projects, too! They make a great team! Can you tell how proud I am? 😍

My daughter asked me to make their wedding cake. Yay! I love making cakes! It's just a small cake for them to cut, because they are having cupcakes for guests. Anyway, they wanted a red velvet cake with marscapone icing. Sounds super yummy, right? I used a recipe on Pinterest that was all the 'rave'. Baked it and brought it down with me. Then I made the marscapone icing when I got there. 
cake flop
Ummmm.... not all the 'rave'. I didn't like it at all. They didn't love it either, I think they were trying to be nice...  It didn't have much flavor. The cake was dry and had a funny texture... The marscapone icing... that also was NOT a hit. What the heck? We all had this delicious cake in mind and it was a complete flop!

Back to the drawing board...

We searched all over Pinterest for a new direction and decided to make something different that weekend. A chocolate cake with raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream for filling and cream cheese Swiss meringue on the outside. Sounds amazing!!

We squeezed it all in! I made the new and improved cake and it was just as good as it sounded! Yay!! πŸ™Œ

The weekend wasn't over...  Sunday morning, we still had to do a trial run of my daughter's wedding hair.  We already did one several weeks ago, you can see it here, but there were a few pitfalls with it.
wedding hair
My daughter has gorgeous long hair, and A LOT of it! It took me an hour just to curl it! Anyway, apparently I was on a different page this time and got it all wrong. So, I took it out and did it all over again. We are sooo close, but.... I'm definitely going to take another trip to VA to do another hair trial. I don't want to be fussing and flustering over her hair on the wedding day!

The drive home was pretty uneventful, which is always a good thing! 😊  A hug and a kiss from my hubby and goodnight's sleep in my own bed was the perfect ending to a wild super busy weekend! 

Can't wait for the wedding! 

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