Gold Spray Paint Dilemna

There are so many gold spray paints out there. I mean seriously soooo many.  I only need one. But finding the right one for you is the hardest part. Some are more yellow, some are more gold, some are more rosy. I guess it really depends on what you like.

gold spray paint options
I had all but one of these gold spray paints on hand. I kind of have a spray paint collection... I built this shelf a couple of years ago. The best thing I EVER did! I love it! There's a lot more spray paint on it today, but at least it's organized. You can click on the picture, and it will take you to that post.

Paint Shelves Complete

So, now to find the right gold spray paint... I wanted to spray paint a bunch of bottles for my daughter's bridal shower. I thought they would look pretty gold with flowers in them.

I couldn't believe how different the golds were when I spray painted. Two were very yellow and two were more rosy colored. I figured which one my daughter would pick. But I sent her a picture anyway.  I was close...

Now, if you notice there are 2 Rustoleum paints and 2 Krylon paints.  There are more brands, but these seem to be the most popular. 

This is not a sponsored post, and I was not paid for my opinions in any way. I purchased all of these paints at one time or another.

I tried to keep the lighting the same for all the photos. A cloud did come in and out. I didn't edit the lighting on any of the photos for this test.

So, let me go through them. First up, Krylon Cover Maxx
Krylon Cover Maxx Metallic Spray Paing

This paint sprayed beautifully! Covered beautifully. It was even all over the bottle. This is one of the more rosy golds. I will have to say this one was my favorite. Which surprised me!

Krylon ColorMaster
Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint

This paint was just as nice at the Cover Maxx. But I felt that the color isn't as "deep" if that makes any sense. This is also a rosy gold.

Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover
Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover

If you've followed my blog for any length of time you will know that Rustoleum 2X spray paint is my ultimate favorite spray paint. I mean I LOVE this stuff. The coverage was terrific. It was even all over the bottle. This color was nice yellow gold.

Lastly, Rustoleum Metallic
Rustoleum Metallic

This is the only one I bought for this test, because I had heard such great things about it. In my opinion it was the worst.  I mean really bad... Look closely. It looks like its about ready to crackle. It was not even at all and the coverage was okay. Maybe it doesn't like glass. This is another yellow gold.

If you want a nice yellow gold. Rustoleum 2X in gold is for you!

My daughter wanted the rosy gold. 😍  (I knew it!) Hey her middle name is Rose.... It fits.

I personally don't think there is a huge difference between the two Krylon spray paints. So, if you want a rosy gold either one will work.

I think they came out really nice! Don't mind the messy house...
Gold Bottles for the bridal shower

This is how they looked for the shower. 💕
Gold Bottles for the bridal shower

Gold Bottles for the bridal shower

Gold Bottles for the bridal shower

My daughter decided to save and use them for the rehearsal dinner. I'm so glad they'll get some more use!

Here's a photo you can pin for later.
Gold Spray Paint Dilemna

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  1. I love the rosy gold too! So pretty with the flowers in them!

  2. Hi, can you confirm what one you used as i love the colour thank you xx

  3. They look AMAZING!!Did you seal it after you painted them or bake them in the oven like some videos say to do to prevent chipping the paint?


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