DIY Blushing Bride Bridal Shower

updated 6.3.22

DIY Blushing Bride Bridal Shower

This bridal shower was so much fun to prepare for! My daughter's maid of honor asked if I would do the decorations for it. YES! Of Course! 😍  She knew this was right up my alley.

DIY Blushing Bride Bridal Shower

I DIY'ed all of the decor except for the mylar 'love' balloon. Didn't it all turn out great?! At the end of this post are all the links to the DIY crafts for this shower decor. This bridal shower was so much fun!

Here's a better close up of the banner. The lighting was awesome in this community room, I just didn't get the best angle to clearly see the letters on the banner.

DIY Blushing Bride Banner

That tassel bunting was so easy to make. Can you see the floral 'B'? That was the 'funnest' project of all! I can't believe how pretty that turned out. I think my daughter is going to use some of these decorations for her wedding. 💕

I wanted some special seat for the blushing bride... So, I made this seat cover. The flowers are a bouquet I bought and just stuck in there.

Blushing Bride Seat Cover

All of the bottles were spray painted a lovely shade of rosy gold. You'll also see here and there little diy pom pom pineapples.

Rosy gold bottles

Rosy gold bottles

Aren't those little pineapples too cute??

I spray painted the frame of the letter board, which I picked up super cheap at Walmart!

Gold letterboard

That pineapple frame!!💕  I picked that frame up at TJ Maxx and used gold letter stickers for the date of her wedding. Super EASY!!

Date Pineapple Frame

We had some yummy snacks. Those cake plates were silver and hanging out in my basement forever... I decided to spray paint them white and use as cupcake holders. Perfect!


Those cupcakes!! Soooo Good!! One of my daughter's bridesmaids makes all sorts of cupcakes! Yay! A fellow baker! She is going to be making cupcakes for the wedding. This time she made Pineapple Curd cupcakes and Nutella Filled chocolate cupcakes.


Ummmm.... I had one of each.... don't judge! I know you all want some too! Isn't this little single cupcake holder adorable??? Target! Dollar Spot!😊


The Bride arrives...

Blushing Bride

We had such a fun time! A few games, snacks and then on to the gifts.

This gift has a little story.... Last summer, I was just doing some shopping and I came across this little B ring holder. My daughter and Mr. B were already dating, but only for a couple of months. I felt a little tug from The Lord telling me to get it. I knew then that he was the one for her. The Lord let me in on the secret a little early. 😊

Future Mrs. B

Lots of laughs and fun! I don't know if you can tell.... but this girl of mine loves pineapples!💛


She is such a beautiful bride to be. (Now you can see the banner better!)

Blushing Bride

Now it's a count down until the wedding!

Bridal Shower

Here are links to all of the DIY decorations I created!

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Easy Pom Pom Pineapple
Simple Inexpensive Floral Letter
Floral Letter

Gold Spray Paint Dilemna
Gold spray paint dilemna

Fun & Easy DIY Tassels



  1. Lori, this is gorgeous. The whole theme is so pretty. The chair is decorated to perfection. Loving the gold bottles and yes, those pineapples are so cute. What a beautiful blushing bride to be.

    1. Thanks, so much, Linda! I had a lot of fun creating all of it! :)

  2. Sweet! How exciting for your daughter and for your families!!! Congratulations on your daughter's engagement and upcoming wedding! Pinned a few photos to my Wedding Ideas and other boards on Pinterest for you.

    Have a great time and enjoy the whole process, Mom. My son married his college sweetheart one year ago on July 16, 2016, one year ago tomorrow. They just bought their first house literally a week ago. :)

    Barb :)

    1. Hi Barbara! Thank you! It has been so much fun! Congratulations to you and your family! Time sure flies by. Thank you for pinning, that's always so helpful! I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment. It's always so nice to hear encouragement! :)

  3. Lori, congratulations on your daughter's marriage, and for pulling off such a fun and festive shower for her. I know she must have loved your involvement. Those paper pineapples are adorable!
    Thank you for your part over the past year (has it been?!) in co-hosting DIDI. I hope you enjoy the next couple of months as you see your daughter off in her wedding. Cheers!
    Rita C at Panoply

    1. Thank so much, Rita! It has been great reading all of the blogs that link up, but it's time for something different. I'm so excited about the wedding! Thanks for your encouragement! :)


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