How To Cover That Ugly Tissue Box!

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Manufacturers try to make tissue boxes looks less like tissue boxes…more like decorated cardboard. Not that it’s bad, I just wanted something nicer, something pretty.

Easy DIY Tissue Box Cover

If you’ve ever read my blog before, you know I have this thing for saving and reusing cereal boxes, granola boxes, etc. I’ve made several desk organizers, drawer organizers out of them. You can check those out here:
But here I’m going to use a cereal box to cover that ugly tissue box we have in our ladies bathroom at church. Oh, and if you want to see how far we’ve come from our 1980s bathroom, then you have to check this out! Ladies Church Bathroom Update

We really are almost done in there! It’s all the final touches that seem to be taking the most time!

So, here’s another final touch…. If you have an ugly tissue box you want to cover, go grab your cereal box, scissors, ruler, pencil and let’s get started!

Supplies for Tissue Box Cover
First thing is to center your tissue box in the center of your box. You do need to make sure that the cereal box will cover the tissue box.  Some tissue boxes are larger than others.  The ones at our church are relatively small.

Then trace all around it and with your ruler extend the lines all the way out to the edges.
Cut Cereal Box to fit Tissue Box

Next, you need to cut and fold the cereal box around the tissue box. I secured it with paperclips just to make sure it fit correctly.
Fit to Tissue Box

Flip it over and determine where the top opening will be. Measure that out and cut it out with a box cutter or exacto knife. Once your box size and opening are determined, then take it off the tissue box and glue the sides in place.  I used a glue gun to make quick work of it.
Cut Opening on top of Tissue Box

I found this awesome fabric at Hobby Lobby and bought a yard of it.  I didn’t need that much, but I found another good use of the leftovers. Since the fabric was light, you could see the print on the cereal box, I should have used the unprinted side out, but I didn’t think about that until it was all glued together.

Oh well, so I painted the box with some primer. That did the trick!
Spray Paint Tissue Box Cover

The last step…. Mod Podge! I just love that stuff! Just spread some on with a paintbrush and and press the fabric in place. I suggest starting on top. I needed to make sure that my pattern went on straight.

You don’t have to use fabric, you can use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, napkins, newspaper, book pages, whatever you like! It’s the same process!Mod Podge Fabric to Tissue Box Cover

Wrap the ends and the sides. I cut the center, and pulled the fabric through the opening and used the Mod Podge to adhere it.
Under the Tissue Box Cover

Oh! I love how those two little shelves are coming along…. I need a faux coral orchid or something in the left top corner. The Himmeli geometric shape in the center… I can not wait to share that project with you! That was FUN!

So… what do you think?
Bathroom Shelves

You can easily customized your tissue boxes for your style at home. Yeah, I can think of a few I’d like to do at home too!
Easy DIY Tissue Box Cover



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  2. Oh I love this! It looks so much cuter sitting on the shelf with that patterned cover. Great idea!


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