Mini Shiplap Planter Box

Updated 3.12.21

Mini Shiplap Planter

I just love these bamboo placemats!  I found mine at the Dollar Tree. They just are so handy!!

Bamboo Placemat

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I made a picture frame mat from them, you can see how that came out, Bamboo Photo Mat. But I want to show you how I fixed an old mini planter and made it new and modern!! I’m so in love with this little guy! So this is what I’m working with….

Old broken mini planter

This little planter was actually part of a wooden box that had 4 faux succulents in it.  I tore it apart awhile ago, thinking I could do something with it.  Today is the day! I took apart the bamboo place mat and separated the larger flat sticks.  Then I cut them to length and glued them to the sides.  I started with my glue gun, but that didn’t work too well. I switched to Tacky Glue. I think any sort of glue would work.

Of course, I “thought” I took more pictures, but that must have been “some other post”, because I couldn’t find any of the “in process stage”… Ugh!

I think you get the idea…

bamboo placemat sticks on planter

It looks cute just like that!! But, Oh!, do I have some plans for this guy!! 

This little sweet thing needs some paint! I use some white acrylic paint I had on hand. Ahhhh!!! Isn’t this adorable??? I’m still not done…

Mini shiplap planter painted white

I added some awesome Liquid gold! Plaid Liquid Leaf Paint 

This stuff is AMAZING!!! It does not disappoint! So, all I did was brush on the magic.  It dries so fast and looks fantastic!

Painted on some Gold Liquid Leaf

I love the way this little Mini Shiplap Planter came out!

Mini Shiplap Planter Box from a Placemat

Mini Shiplap Planter



  1. Stunning little makeover of a planter box :-)

  2. That came out fabulous.. I never would have come up with that idea.. and the two tone paints makes it so high end. I'm going to feature you on my Facebook page! Thanks for linking up! <3

    1. Awww! Thanks, Kim! I appreciate all the promotion! :)


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