Skinny Chai Latte ~ Only 60 Calories

Skinny Chai Latte

This Chai Latte mix is so delicious and super easy to make!

I fell in love with chai lattes a couple of years ago and needed to find any easy mix to make at home. Chai tea is a blend of tea and spices and some sort of milk and/or cream.  It’s so comforting to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of chai latte…. hmmm.

If you’ve been reading my lil ole’ blog for any length of time, you’ll know I really really don’t like to drink my calories. For me it just seems like a waste. I would much rather eat my calories.
Anyway, I could only find recipes that called for tons of sugar and calories.  So, I created this recipe with as few calories as I could as possible and still be delicious! There are only 20 calories per tablespoon. That’s not bad!

When I was looking for recipes, quite a few of them required cardamon.  Well, if you've ever shopped for cardamon, you will quickly find out how expensive it is! Like $10 for a little bottle! Sorry, I just can't do that! So, this recipe doesn't require cardamon, and you will be quite pleased with the blend of spices. :)

What’s also nice about this recipe is that the spices don’t chunk up at the top.  I tried one recipe and all the spices wouldn’t blend well at all. The recipe only called for mixing the ingredients into a container.

This recipe blends beautifully! The secret is to run the whole thing through a small food processor, it blends the mix into a fine powder that is a snap to mix up.

Skinny Chai Latte

This recipe will not disappoint!


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