Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Makeover

Whew!!! I am so ready to have my kitchen back! And after 44 (very long) days, my kitchen no longer looks like this!
Yay!! It's absolutely gorgeous now! Take a look!
Kitchen and Dining
It doesn't even look like the same kitchen! The impact really didn't hit me until I hung the last cabinet door and sat back.  I was in shock at the difference!

The board and batten came out better than I thought! My counters just POP now! And do you see that little hint of color on the back wall....? Yep! I painted that wall orange!
Board and Batten

I plan on putting shelves up in that area, but right now, I'm definitely ready for a teeny bit of a break. This was a really really BIG job!
Love the Orange

Don't the uppers look great, though?  I'm so proud of myself! I still can't believe I (ME!) did all of that! I am still thanking The Lord for all of His direction and grace!  I couldn't have done it without His help!!

Oh my goodness!!! Just look at those beautiful white cabinets!!!
My New Kitchen
The color of the cabinets is not your typical "white, white"  It's more soft and creamier. I actually had it custom made.  It's the same color as our trim paint.  I've painted my dining table and the Best√• entertainment center the same color.  You can check those out HERE and HERE.

It really just makes the entire space flow so much better.

Look at this view!
View From the Hall
I am in L.O.V.E !!! Isn't that blue delightful? This space make me feel so calm and peaceful.  By the way, the blue is Blue Sail by Behr.

The paint I used was Benjamin Moore Advance Paint.  It's only sold at True Value Hardware stores. It's not cheap.  I picked it up for about $52 a gallon. But soooo worth it!  It's a latex that works like an oil.  It has a self leveler in it and dries hard like enamel.  I found that the semi gloss is very shiny when applied with a brush and it looks more like satin finish when applied with a foam roller.

I had planned on using my paint sprayer, but the weather was not cooperating with me. I'm very happy with the finish.  Even if I did have to put on 4 coats of the "white".  My coats tend to be pretty thin and dry fast, but it was still a LOT of work! But SOOOOOO worth it!!

You may be wondering why I didn't paint under the "desk" area.  I plan on building cabinets for that space. I want to put all of my cookie sheets in there and baking dishes. All in good time.
More Plans

This is simply beautiful! I love the sweet little brushed nickel knobs. They were standard with the cabinets and didn't really stand out, but now they look perfect!
Sweet Little Knobs

I still can't believe that this is what it looked like before.... Oh, what a war zone!  Hubby deserves lots of hugs and kisses for dealing with this for over a month!!
War Zone copy
That actually looks more like the calm before the storm, but we made it through!  Now we get to look at this every single day! My wood floors actually look better now, too!
New Kitchen
I even painted the family collage frame that is on the orange wall.  It used to be brown, but it just sucked the life out of the kitchen, so it had to be painted!  Then I also completed the gray wall that leads into the den.

If you want to check it out from start to finish here are a few links.

BOARD & BATTEN (Plus a change of plans)

So, next on the list is to build little cabinet glass fronted doors for the top uppers. Then build cabinets under the desk. I'd also like to paint the bar stools, and cover the seats with some fun fabric.

I know I've been a bit MIA on the 'ole blog lately.... Family is coming into town for my nephew's wedding this weekend and I needed to finish the kitchen. Then the wedding, which I'm doing a few things for. It's been busy, but a lot of fun! I've got so many things to share, just not enough time and energy. Soon! :)

Here's another little before and after... Can you tell I'm LOVING it??
Before and After

Have a great week!
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