Prep Before Painting Kitchen Cabinets

All the prep for painting the kitchen cabinets has been the longest most dullest monotonous part of the entire process.... And let's not forget to mention the disaster zone is right up there too!
Primed Disaster Zone
Seriously, I'd think to myself.. "Okay, I'm done sanding!" Then nope there would be something I forgot, or after I caulked it just wasn't smooth enough. Ugh! I've sanded and cleaned up probably 4 times.

This is after the first coat and you can see I forgot to prime the inside of the newly built uppers... great... BUT I'm only going to do this once and I want it done right, so I'm willing to go the extra mile! :)

And here... look to the right of the pic.  See the hanging handle? I ended up stripping the screw. Hubby got it off for me!  :)  That handy little handle holds our dish towel. Good thing they come in pairs, since the screw broke off in the handle. Whoops!
Uppers ready for 2nd coat

I finally got the 1st coat of primer on the base cabinet boxes complete AND the drawers! Yeah! Progress people! :D
Drawers primed
It's really tough when you're a touch of a clean freak and having your kitchen this way.... Lord, help me!!

There are a lot of little details that have to be done before the actual painting can begin.  Every crevice must be caulked and there are WAY more than you think!! Then I had to sand and caulk every "box" I created in the board and batten. There are so many details, but I'm in it for the long haul!!

The other day I finally got the second coat of primer complete. It's looking better!! :D
2nd Coat on Bases

And better! Little Miss Nosy.... She always manages to sneak into the post somewhere. :)

The uppers look like they were apart of the original cabinetry! If you want to check out how I built them, check it out HERE.
2nd Coat on Uppers

 Then last night I painted the first coat of the island!!! OMG! Love! Love! Love!
Blue Island
Now this is only the first coat, so it's a bit thin here and there.

TODAY is the DAY to paint the rest of the cabinets! Whew!  I've been at this for about a month and we are finally at the fun part! Thank goodness, we postponed my daughter's graduation party til the end of June!

I should have all of the cabinet boxes completely painted by Friday. Then next week we'll start the cabinet doors!

But I'll have my kitchen back!  The rest of the mess can happen in the garage! Yay!!

I ran out of caulk here... but that didn't stop me from painting!! I just had to!
More Caulking
Off to paint!!

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