Church Bathroom Remodel {1980s Pepto Pink Parade!}

I'm so glad I'm able to show you the other project I'm a part of! Check out this pepto pink parade!! Now, I really like pink... But I was thinking our Ladies bathroom at church needed a bit of an update.
For quite a few months, I've been wanting to update our ladies bathroom at church.  I finally approached our lead pastor with the idea and he was all for it and gave me permission to start this project. Yay!  So, I contacted several women in our church and we formed a committee to make decisions on what we wanted the bathroom to look like, budget and etc. I'm happy to say that we are all on the same page and it is coming along beautifully!

I presented this to our church body, because I felt it was important that this update would not have to come out of the church budget.  I believed that our church family could support this project, and they have! We have had finances donated,  a beautiful light fixture, new handles for the cabinets and so much more! Especially the time the ladies have put in, has made this a team effort.

So, let me share with you our sweet little bathroom.  I think you'll understand why we seriously needed to update this room.

There was a floral boarder at the top and fake roses on the corners of the mirror along with a matching bouquet on the counter.
Pepto Pink

We had pink walls and stalls.
Pink Stalls

Pink cabinets and pink trim. It felt like you were in a pink bubble. And let's not forget to mention those beautiful yellowing original floors (note: sarcasm).
Cabinets & Floors

There is a paper towel dispenser on one side that we don't have a key to, so that didn't work. There was a soap dispenser on the other side, that was original to the building, and it didn't work. We ended up ripping those out of the walls. :)
Other Side

It kinda felt like this was a "Grandma's bathroom".

On to the brighter side! The committee decided we wanted a bright, clean and fresh bathroom.

We all brought paint chips in to decide on a color. We taped them all over the wall.  (I should have taken a picture.) It was a process of elimination and they settled on "Watermark" by Behr.  I really let the other women make this color decision.  What's funny is, this is the same color I painted my office. You can check that out HERE. It really is a gorgeous color!
Easter Egg Bathroom

Although, now it looks like an Easter egg.... It was perfect for Easter! :)
New Paint & repair
You can see the repair on the wall.  That still needs fixing.
Paper Towel repair

More repair.... But we have started priming the trim at the ceiling and will be painting all the trim white.  No more pink!
Church Bathroom Update
I'll be sharing more soon!  My sweet Hubby and another sweet man from church installed two outlets and a box for our light fixture.  All the cabinets and stalls are now primed. We'll be framing out the mirror, adding trim to the cabinets, dealing with the counter top and installing new flooring.

Lots to do! Sooo excited!!

(UPDATE: If you want to see all of the progress you can check the links below!)

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