Kitchen Plans!! {Time To Get Rid Of The Sea Of Orange Wood!}

Are you enjoying spring?  I sure am! And I'm itching to get started on some projects! Like my "sea of wood!" It's time, I am ready! The amount of work is a bit overwhelming, but I'm determined.  I can do this!! Here is a reminder of what I'm working with...

This is a pretty old picture.  I don't have curtains anymore. (See "Let The Sun Shine In") I've painted the walls (See "Color Makes Such A Difference!") We've come a long way, baby!

Here's the other side of the kitchen. Another old picture, definitely before my new Nikon. :)
Oh! That dark table and chairs!  I've completely changed them. (See Here) I also have a "newer" dining light, and we've since moved the trash can, and taken down the plant shelves.

We built this home about 5 years ago and at the time I really thought that was a nice color for the cabinets, it was pretty much the darkest color the builder offered without an upgrade.  I just didn't realize it was going to match our floors.  That's another thing.  They seemed to have turned so ORANGE! Oh, well. I'm hoping with the kitchen changes, the floors will be more complementary.

So, let me share some of "The Plan" with you...

I plan on building the cabinets up to the ceiling. The idea of all the dust, spiders, and dead flies up there gives me the heebie geebies, plus they just look chopped off, unfinished.

I really wanted something like this....
Glass Cabinets

I am swooning..... I love this! I wanted to build little glass fronted cabinets on top. And...YES! My cabinets will be white... I have to, I want to, I need to!!!

Anyway, Hubby, says there really isn't enough room to do mini glass cabinets. (Sad face) There is only 13 inches, so I will be doing something like this...
Build Up Cabinet

The more I thought about it, Hubby is right! (And usually is when it comes to measuring and such!) This will be perfect! I can't wait to start!! That way we'll have plenty of room for beautiful crown molding all the way around the upper cabinets.  It's going to be gorgeous!

I'm also loving board and batten.  It will make the kitchen more finished. Something like this...
Kitchen Board and Batten

Okay... what's not to love about this kitchen?? But I'm specifically talking about the simple board and batten on the end of the island.  That's what I'm going to do on my exposed base cabinets and around the center island and long peninsula counter.

In fact, I've already started on that part. :)
I'll share more later...

We have lighting to figure out, we're still deciding on a color for our tall island.  We want a pop of color there. So, excited!! But tons of work.... But it's going to look awesome!

 photo New Lori 100_zps2lw4mgnc.jpg


  1. Awesome ideas, the house we bought has ceiling-floor white cabinets and I love them. I would sure like them more if the top cabinets had little windows.

    1. Thanks! I'm just so glad it all worked out ok! Still more to do.... Thanks for stopping by!


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