April 13, 2015

Painting and Stenciling The Entry

I have been itching to start a project! Seriously.... I needed to paint something! So I did! This just made me so happy!
Paint begins

Why IS that? Painting just feels so satisfying! Well, good thing I have a ton to paint in this house!

Remember when I painted the dining room and living room? You can check that out HERE!
I LOVE the colors I painted and I'm going to continue that gray throughout the entry and up the staircase. I am still so in love with this shade of gray.  It is so peaceful and calming and beautiful.
That was quick, all painted! So lovely! I've always known I wanted to stencil that wall and I've had this stencil probably for 2-3 years.  My son bought it for me for mother's day. Doesn't he have great taste?? It's just a bummer that it's taken me this long to get moving on it! :/ But I did!!

Here's a closer picture of the stencil.
So, being the pro that I'm NOT at stenciling.... I just read the directions, put up my level, made a couple of marks, lined it up and went for it.

Voile'!! The stencil isn't perfect... It got a little wonky here and there, but you wouldn't be able to tell. Shoot, I can't tell where anymore! The stencil is pretty light, I used the trim paint color for the contrast. I purposely make the picture a bit darker so you could see the detail of the stencil.
I was going to try and make it more uniform and more prominent, but after I finished it Hubby said he really liked the way it fades here and there. And the more I looked at it, I liked it too! So, I was done!

I pushed everything back into place and put the mirror back up. I'm trying to play around with the styling.  Not one of my areas of strength. I'm thinking I like the lamp, I just need a shade for it.  I might paint it a color... I don't know. One day, I want to paint the chest of drawers... Not the whole thing, I love the "abalone" parts to it. Maybe a dark blue with crystal knobs?? Hmmm.

Then one day, I'm going to attack that staircase! I can see it now... white spindles a darker handrail with darker treads... One day... I have a bunch of other projects much higher on the priority list.
Love the stenciled wall
This little project has definitely got the juices flowing! It's time to attack the sea of wood in the kitchen. Oh, yes! Hubby and I have been chatting and planning! I'll be getting my tape measure out today! :)

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The Stonybrook House
The Stonybrook House

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  1. That looks lovely! I love the pop of color you added with the yellow flowers and the stenciling looks great! Much better than I could have done. You are such an inspiration :)



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    2. Thank you, Mary! I can't believe I'm this behind on emails... It was so kind of you to stop by and give me some encouragement! Thank you so much!


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