DIY Board & Batten In The Kitchen

DIY Board & Batten In The Kitchen

Board and batten really adds a beautiful detail to walls and cabinet sides. I love how this turned out in my kitchen.

I planned to install board and batten around my long counter and island. Here, if you look really closely, you'll see I measured and marked the walls where I want to attach the boards.

Marking the wall for the boards

Using underlayment is a super easy and cheap way to add board and batten. In our billiard room, I used 1x4s and it gave it a completely different look. You can see that look here, Board & Batten In the Billard Room.

These base cabinets have a 1/4" lip on the sides that work perfect with a thinner board. I went to Lowes and picked up a 4'x8' sheet of underlayment.  It's about 1/4" in thickness and for about $15!  I had a very helpful gentlemen cut the whole sheet down to 3 1/2" strips. It cost me $1.50 in cuts. Sooooo worth it!

Brought it all home and got to cutting!

Cutting board and batten strips

They worked out perfect! The edges were a bit rough, I just sanded them down a bit. I finished the long counter and the island.

Boards up under the counter

At one point our island was blue. I painted it gray the other year.

Island board and batten up

Looking good!!!

The lip on the side of this cabinet was a bit thicker, so I added wood filler to make it flush. Once I sand it all down, it will look like it was part of the cabinet.

Wood filler on side cabinet to make flush

Now painted, the board and batten makes the kitchen cabinets look custom made. I love the way they turned out!

Board and batten finished in kitchen

Here's a more recent photo with the island painted gray.

Updated 2020 Kitchen

To see the entire kitchen remodel, you can click on the link below. It looks so beautiful!

Painting The Kitchen Cabinets


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