DIY Mini Tulip Wreath

Updated 3.13.20

Are you ready for spring??? I sure am!  This sweet tulip wreath will definitely brighten up your day!

DIY Mini Tulip Wreath

Before you know it we'll be seeing crocus and daffodils sprouting up. My favorite spring flowers are tulips.

I've made this mini tulip wreath more than once... The first time I made it with colorful tulips.

Tulip Wreath Supplies

In this update, I created a new wreath with all white tulips.  It just looks so soft and inviting.

I purchase the same tulips at the Dollar Tree.  The wreath is slightly different, but still from the Dollar Tree.

The bunch of leaves and mini flowers were leftovers from another project,

Supplies for tulip wreath update

This is one of the easiest crafts I've done.  Easy, fast, and cheap!

First, I cut off all of the leaves.  I didn't want any large leaves in this white wreath.

cut off tulip leaves

Then, I painted the tips of the tulip styles, yellow.  I didn't know what the tube like things in the center were called... I googled it.  They are called styles.  Now you know too!

Painting tulip styles yellow

Next, I plugged in my glue gun and just laid the tulips out to get an idea of how I wanted them.

gluing tulips to wreath

This time, I wanted the tulips to lay on their sides more.  So I glued the side of the tulip to the wreath, then glued the stem if it stuck out too far.  It seemed to make them lay more flat on the wreath.

gluing the side of tulips to wreath

Also, I had a HUGE discovery!  Of course, Dollar Tree flowers are usually wrinkled or bent weird.  I found that if you use a steamer, the wrinkles disappear and the flowers shape beautifully!!

Here's a before...

Tulips before steamer

After steamer... What???!!!  Look at how lovely they came out!!

Tulips after steamer

I was totally shocked!  And I found this out on a whim...

Now, I have two sweet mini tulip wreaths.... A soft white one...

white mini tulip wreath

And a colorful one....

Colorful Mini Tulip Wreath


Here's one to pin for later!

Easy Dollar Tree Tulip Wreath
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