Photo Collage Complete!

I just finished a photo collage for the gallery wall.

It all started with the photo collage frame that my brother and his wife
 gave us at Christmas.
I really liked it, except for...
Those nasty looking flowers.
Are those like the U-G-L-I-E-S-T flowers you have ever seen? 
I thought they were awful. Something had to be done about them.  
What was cool, was they were just bolted on with a nut on the back.  
Easy to take off and paint.
So, that's what I did.  I got out my trusty Heirloom white spray paint and doused them!
Ahhhh... so MUCH better. I felt relief immediately after painting them.
Easy enough, put them back on and screw the little nut on. Wa La!
Whoa! Much better, but....
I'm so overwhelmed by the white flowers I can't see anything else! 
Nope, this isn't going to work.
Next step, I brought out my arsenal of paints!
I picked out black, a titanium gold and regular gold.
Let's play! :)
I tried some of the titanium gold first.
Hmmm, not bad, that helps a little.
Let's try adding a little black.
Well, okay, better....
Let's add more black!
Oh, yeah! I like!
So, I decided to do three darker flowers like that one
 and the rest of them lighter.
Then I tried adding the regular gold.
Ooo la la! I like it sooo much more!
Now, that doesn't seem so overwhelming.
I can focus on the pictures much easier.
Yay! I'm getting there.
I love family pictures, to me it brings life to a home.
I really like the saying on this photo collage.
"We do not remember days, We remember moments."
That is so true, I remember so many swim meets, football, volleyball, and lacrosse games.  Wins and losses, sweat and injuries, fun times and friends.
I am sooo enjoying putting this gallery wall together!


  1. I totally like the finished product the best! Great job! :)

    1. Hi Holly!! Thank you! I like it too! Thanks for stopping by!


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